Mancat Monday ~ Socks Cubed

I likes to sleep in the red cube.

Now that I am awake we can go look at the flowers in the front flower bed. Mommy says we needs a better name for it. Any ideas?

 Angel Trumpet (Pink)
 Pineapple Sage, It is gorgeous once it starts blooming. It blooms in the fall.

 Angel Trumpet (yellow)


  1. Awww lovely Socks - you look so comfy asleep so thank you for taking the time to show me and Charlie around your beautiful front garden! The angel trumpets are fabulous and the Pineapple Sage are looking lovely!!

    Oh gorgeous Socks! Did you mean a new name for your front garden or your red cube? Charlie is hiding his face in embarassment as I get so easily confused! LOL! Take care

  2. That's a very manly re cube, Socks!

    We love all the trumpety flowers.

    The Chans (and Tommy too)

  3. We just love those Angel Trumpets! And the cube is awesome.

  4. We are very jealous of your angel trumpets,and the devil ones too. Mom cut ours down and they are no more:(

    How about the Greeting Garden?

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  5. Such a comfy looking cube, Socks!!!!!!!!

  6. I like that cube--it looks like a very good place to snooze.

  7. You look like that cube was made just for you Socks!

  8. That a super duper cube and your trumpet flowers are absolutely gorgeous!!!

  9. The yellow Angel Trumpet is pawesome!

    I like The OP KS Pakhk's suggestion!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Fenris - hope all is well!

  10. We like to snooze in our cube too, Socks. We think "Greeting Garden" is a great name!

  11. We love that Angel Trumpet flower!! So pretty!!

    And you look pretty good in your red cube, Socks!


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