Thursday in the Garden

 Our Confederate Rose. We loves the pretty pink color.

 The Lily Pads and some Wildflowers growing in the pond.

 Fenris is looking for interesting Wildflowers for us.

 The Sniffie Rose

 One of the beds at the Hummingbird Cottage

 As you can see Mommy has trellis on three sides and she has the side closes to the pond open so you can view the pond and the Whiskers Memorial Butterfly Garden from the Hummingbird Cottage.

 Our Zinnias, we wonder if they will reseed themselves and come up again next year? We hopes they do.

 Another Confederate Rose, this bloom is white but it will gradually turn pink as the day goes on.

 The view of the Butterfly Garden from the Hummingbird Cottage.

 The Charybdis Bed.

 Our Goldflame Honeysuckle. It came in the mail, and part of the vine was broken. We wound up having to cut the broken vine off (Mommy is trying to root it, she hated to just throw it away). The remaining vine is doing good and we can't wait to see it bloom in the spring. Since it is so little we wonders if it will bloom?

Another Confederate Rose. It is a type of hibiscus and it blooms in the fall.

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  1. Yoor garden is looking beautiful and we can't helping being thrilled that dear little Sniffie's rose is still in bloom.

  2. Oh wow!! Me and Charlie have never seen confederate roses before!! Wow!! They are so pretty - oh we see they're a hibiscus type flower! Awwww they are really really pretty and very unusual! Bet they smell
    lovely too!

    We hope your zinnias come up next year too - they are gorgeous! Thank you so much for showing us round your beautiful garden! It's great to see the Charybdis Bed, Hummingbird Cottage and Whiskers Memorial Butterfly Garden all coming along nicely! Yay!!

    We hope that little honeysuckle will bloom in spring! Take care

  3. The confederate roses are so beautiful!

  4. Mom is in love with the Confederate rose - so beautiful and the color is spectacular. Everything looks so lovely. We have managed to root our Trumpet Angel snippets and planted it - now to keep it away from the four-legged gardener AND hope it survives the winter.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  5. Everything is so pretty and the Sniffie Rose is gorgeous and her Mom is so sad and seeing that today really helped.

  6. The Sniffie rose is so beautiful! Today is one month since we lost her and seeing that rose made me smile. She's still here with us, we just can't see her.

    Thank you!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  7. What a GREAT tour!

    Woo know we LOVE the high biskhuit types!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Fenris! Great work AGAIN!

  8. You have a lovely flower garden to sniff around in!

  9. Bootiful roses an great views from the Hummingbird Cottage...

  10. How pretty and green averthing is. We're fascinated that the rose turn color throughout the day!

  11. Suck a beautiful garden! I wish my Human had more skill (well, all right, ANY skill) with growing stuff.


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