Tsarina Tuesday ~ Artemisia

 Boy doggies are very silly and immodest, I mean just look at Fenris showing his privates to the whole blog world. We hopes this counts as a Tocktober entry cause Mommy says this is most likely as close as we are going to get. (Sigh) and it isn't even cat tocks. Happy Birthday anyway Derby and we will keep trying for a Tocktober shot that involves cats.  We still has one day left.

Fenris is puzzled because I am going walking with him. He thinks something is stalking him (giggling)  well something is ME!
I hides in the woods whenever he turns around. Rats Mommy caught me with the camera. Now they knows it was me making all the noise and scaring them.


  1. That photo of Fenris made our mom laugh. :-D Silly woofie!

  2. Fenris, don't worry what the silly little kitty says. We all agree that this is one of the best sleeping positions around.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. That should count for something Fenris!!!

  4. Fenris IS silly! Artemesia, we bet you have NEVER slept in such a compromising position.

  5. I think Derby will love that shot of Fenris...

  6. Artemisia, you're funny.

    We're sorry your mom's dad needed a heart catheter put in. We know your mom must be worried. We wish her a safe trip and send lots of purrs and tail wags for her dad.

  7. Awwww beautiful Artemisia!! Lovely Fenris is just gorgeous!!! That is such a fun sleeping pose!! LOL!!!

    Me and Charlie hope you had a great day stalking - er - following Fenris in the woods!:-)

    Take care

  8. Nice pikhs!

    My Tock-Tober pikh is on fur tomorrow!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Fenris! GREAT shot!

  9. Haha! Fenris sure is airing some stuffs out, isn't he? And you kittehs are most wonderful at stalking. I'm gonna try to take notes.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  10. We think that picture of Fenris is funny - we think it will be perfect!

    And we think it is even funnier that you were following him on his walk - that sounds like it was fun!!

  11. Stalking annything is fun, even a doggy...

  12. Sending some healing purrrrrss and comforting purrrayers to your Grampa. We're hoping he is feeling better.


  13. Purrs to your Grandfather!!

  14. Fenris sure is a funny woofie! MOL! :)

    We are purring and praying for your grandpa to get well soon.

  15. Fenris, you got it going on my friend!!!

  16. Ohhh Fenris!!!!! Hahahahhaha!!
    Silly Woofie caught on Camera!

    Artemisia, we think you are very smart / brave to stalk a woofie.
    We would be very afraid.... but then again, it is Fenris! MOL!

  17. Fanris is proud of his stuff. If ya got it, flaunt it.



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