Tsarina Tuesday ~ Artemisia

We got this litter box from CSN Stores. It is the largest litter box we has and it has a door on it for privacy so I have claimed it as my own. We each has our own litter box now. I kinda liked it in the house but Mommy & Daddy put it out in the garage with the other litter boxes after Mommy took the picture. ~Artemisia

PS: Thank you for your purrs, prayers and crossed paws for our Grandpa. He is home from the hospital now but has restrictions on his activity and what he can eat. Mommy is looking for some good low sodium, low cholesterol dishes to fix for Thanksgiving. Mommy & Daddy have been helping feed the goats and do stuffs around their house, so we won't be visiting or blogging regularly for awhile but will post and visit when we can. ~AFSS


  1. Me and Charlie are sending lots of purrs and healing hugs to your grandpa! We hope he recuperates lots and gets better!!

    Hugs to your mum and dad for being such stars!!!

    Artemisia - that is one big kitty litter tray!! We love that it is very private just for you! Take care

  2. We think privacy is important too. That's why we rarely do our business when we are out walking, we prefer the privacy of our own yard:)

    We will continue to keep your Grandpa in our thoughts and prayers. Tell Mom to do what she needs to do for the family and not to worry about blogs.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. hooray for new kitteh stuffs!

  4. We're glad your grandpa is home! Lots of purrs and healing Light to him, and to you all.

    That's a terrific litter box, Artemisia. We have a few with hoods, but mom took them off ages ago and we're okay with that.

  5. Sending purrs to your grandpa.

    I agree that privacy is important and how cool that all of you have your own litterbox.

  6. Sending more purrs and tail wags for your grandpa! And your folks. It's great they are lending a hand but we know it's stressful on the family.

    Great looking litter box you have now.

  7. We have thought about asking fer covered litter boxes. But we decided that The Big Thing cleans them when he notices they been used, so we are feared they wouldnt get cleaned as often iffen he cant SEE that.

  8. We are all sending purrs for your Grandpa! Great litter box gang!!!

  9. Oh we are sorry to hear about your grandpa being sick but we are sending him lots of purrs and prayers. WE know you will be able to find some good stuff you can make that will be on his diet. And it is great he is at home now.

    And Artemisia we think that is a very cool litter box - ours aren't coveres and well, we think that privacy sounds like a good idea. It is cool you all have your own boxes now!

  10. So glad your Grandpa is home and we pray he has a speedy recovery!

    For Thanksgiving, I love to cook and hopefully I can help?
    Instead of the creamy green bean casserole a lot of people make you could steam or saute green beans with toasted almonds, garlic and maybe a touch of lemon juice.

    Serve red potatoes with olive oil and herbs (no salt), instead of mashed potatoes.

    You could make baked sweet potatoes with some cinnamon and just a teensy tiny bit of butter (leave the skins on they are the healthiest part)....

    Use low sodium broth for your stuffing and make cornbread stuffing (it is healthier and you can combine it with wheat bread. If you add meat use ground turkey and to make it taste like sausage stuffing add some dry fennel

    Hope this helps! xoxo

  11. That's a pretty big litter box you got there, Artemisia!!

    We are purring for your grandpa and we hope he recovers soon. We bet your mom can find some good recipes on the innernets!

  12. I am sorry that I didn't know your grandpa was ill but am so happy to hear that he is doing better and now at home. I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers that each day he regain his health.
    Head on over to the party and stay as long as you like. We will have a blast for sure.

  13. Those Ms Dash seasonings help a bit. Purrs he improves quickly!

  14. Hope your Grandpa continues to improve.

  15. Hope your Grandpa continues to improve.

  16. It's important to have you own tray. Let's face it, I don't like other kitties pooping in my garden and it's big enough.

    Continuing purring for your grandpa.

  17. Great 'Tock shot, Artemisia!!!!

    We're so glad your Grandpa is home from the hospital!


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