The Winner is...............................

Percy at Jan's Funny Farm is the Winner of our Clean + Green Contest. As we only had one entry he has won all three cans for the Funny Farmers. If you haven't read Percy's entry please do. It is a very heartwarming entry about how Mercy saved his life when he was a small kitten.


  1. Congrats to Percy!

    We are sorry you only had one entry - we just won a Clean+Green not long ago and are waiting for it to arrive, so we didn't think it was fair to win again! But hey, Jan has lots of animals there so we are sure they can use all the cans!

  2. Percy's entry was AMAZING!!! and me and Charlie loved reading it and were so touched by how sweet Mercy saved lovely Percy - it's a worthy winner - YAY!! Well done all at JFF and thank you so much for holding this fab giveaway!!!!

    Take care

  3. Thanks you.

    And Amy is right. Jan can use the Clean + Green. Just this morning there were two instances of vomit on the rug (from one of the dogs???) and Buddy had diarrhea (thankfully, not on the rug). We can't buy C+G around here either.

    We wish others would have entered too. If they haven't tried C+G yet, they would like it.

  4. WOO~HOO to Percy~!!! We are sorry you only had one entry, but we just won a can from another blogger and didn't want to take away from someone else.

  5. I'm sowwy you only had one entwy , but it suwe was a wowfy one..I've been away and out of the loop
    Pewcy is gweat!!!
    smoochie kisses

  6. A well-deserved winner... We dont have any NMS friends, so we dint have a story to enter.

  7. Congrats to Percy!!! We've been away and I'm so behind! I'm off to read all about this!


  8. How khool they were the winners!

    Sorry woo didn't get more entries - we just didn't have a chance or the khreativity to do something...

    BUT JFF is a furry purry deserving winner!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Fenris!

  9. CONGRATS TO JAN'S FUNNY FARM!!! Percy did a great job. That was a wonderful story!


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