Alive ~ Photo Hunt Starring Fenris

 I am happy to be ALIVE. I enjoy playing with my purple octopus. 

 Look at my ears. Mommy says I looks like I am going to take flight any second.

 A little tongue to peek your interest.

I have been chasing this fellow. Haven't caught him yet but Mommy managed to snag him with the camera.

I enjoy being ALIVE and I want other cats and dogs to have the same chance to enjoy life I have. Please adopt a cat or dog if you can and give it a shot at a loving life with your family. If you can't adopt please consider fostering, volunteering at a shelter/rescue or donating money to a shelter/rescue. You can make a difference one dog and cat at a time.


  1. You look very much alive to me, Fenris. I am also happy that you are alive. Your wish for everyone to help other woofies and kitties have a good life is very well thought out.

  2. very wise words. hope that a lot of dogs and cats get a wonderful live.
    very good weekend

  3. what great photos of you Fenris. we love your purple octopus!

  4. What is that fellow your chasing gorgeous Fenris? Me and Charlie are baffled! LOL!!

    Awwwww we hope you have a wonderful weekend with your purple octopus!!Yay!

    We purr and purr for all the homeless kitties and doggies and other pets to find new and loving homes!

    take care

  5. Lovely action pictures of you Fenris - we wish all animals could have great lives like you.Thank you for your kind message about Lucy.

  6. We are very glad you are alive too, Fenris, and that you have such a very special home to live in. What are you chasing - is it a bunny? Great pics, we like your purple octopus.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  7. sqirrlllz! what fun - hope you catch him!


  8. Fenris, you have a zest for life that turns all our whiskers up!
    And we couldn't agree with you more about adopting!

  9. That is a very important reminder! You look happy!

  10. Pawesome and HANDSOME post Fenris!

    We love your PURPLE toy!

    Is that a fox woo are trying to play with?

    PeeEssWoo: We LOVE the message!!!

  11. Great pictures Fenris, I think you'll catch that critter eventually!

  12. We love the ears - and the enthusiasm!


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