Flowers on Friday

 The Wishbone Flowers. They have stopped blooming now. We are hoping the will reseed themselves and come back next year.
 Some wildflowers

 A hanger for the Hummingbird Cottage. We got it from CSN Stores.

 We got four of them, one for each corner post. We thinks they are very pretty.

 The Princess Feather, it is still blooming. And as you can see the butterflies love it.

 Our Zinnias they are still blooming too.


  1. Wot a joy to see yoor garden looking so inviting and so beautiful today.
    Here in England it is cold and wintery ~ although in Sidmouth, Devon, we do have blue sky and thin watery sunshine wiv no warmth in it. Other parts of the UK are knee deep in snow!

  2. Adorable, just adorable! thank you for showing me and Charlie around your fantastic garden! The Princess feather is just stunning! We hope your wishbone flowers re-seed themselves too along with your fabulous wild flowers!!

    The Hummingbird Cottage is looking terrific!!! Take care

  3. BeaWOOtiful!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Fenris!

  4. Everything is looking so pretty! Speaking of pretty...hello Scylla!

  5. The hummingbird condo place looks very peaceful and pretty.


  6. we loved your garden pix....we have gardens here the year round which our mama is thankful for.....although she hates the heat we have most of the year....says it isn't very kind to her as she gets older.

    Have a wonderful weekend.....xxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. What a wonderful shot of the butterfly enjoying the Princess Feather! The Cottage is going to look fantastic with a hanging basket on each corner.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  8. Purrrr...your garden is so lovely. Ours is looking soggy and yucky and all the flowers have gone away. We just love that we can come and visit your garden and still see beautiful flowers!

  9. After looking at our bare yard, it is so nice to see your flowers!!

  10. I can't believe you still have flowers and butterflies. Ours are all gone for the winter now.

    Thank you SO much for advertising about the commentathon at wildcat woods. It's been amazing. You are very nice to help spread the word. Now wildcat woods is planning to donate 20% of their sales over the next month to us. That is REALLY wonderful because we have a giant expense coming up which I will be posting about soon.

    Best wishes to you and yours.

  11. How nice to see a warm flowering was below freezing here in Vegas this morning!


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