Rosie's Story

This is Rosie's Story as pieced together from the police report and an eye witness account.

At some point Rosie got on the wrong side of her 6 ft high fenced in yard when her owners were not home. Perhaps the children spotted chasing her let her out to play.

A neighbor spotted Rosie in the road being chased by children. Concerned that Rosie might be hit by a car the neighbor called the police. 

By the time the police arrived Rosie was in the driveway of HER HOME. When they came in HER YARD she started barking at them and started advancing toward them according to the police. An off duty Animal Control officer was sent Rosie's picture and didn't recognize her. The in-house phone at the residence was disconnected (Why does this matter? We haven't had an in-house phone since Katrina, a lot of people have chosen to have cell phones only. Don't the police know this???) A neighbor two houses to the North stated they didn't think there were any dogs in the neighborhood. This seems to be all the justification the JERKS  Police needed to drive Rosie from her home.

They then yelled BAD DOG GO HOME to Rosie and started tasering her. (Since Rosie was already home she couldn't go home IDIOTS!). Rosie then literally ran for her life, they tasered her again and she kept running (If someone is hurting me I certainly am not going to stand still and let them catch me, what did they expect her to do?). Rosie then ran in to Lora Perry's backyard. Lora was in her backyard with her terrier at the time. Neither was afraid of Rosie or felt threatened by her. Lora closed her gate, which had been left open, so Rosie couldn't get out and tried to coax Rosie to come to her. Rosie was so frightened by the POLICE BRUTALITY she was hiding under some blackberry bushes. The police asked Lora over the fence  if she had seen a big black dog. When she told them yes, they invaded Lora's yard, without asking,  found Rosie and then proceeded to SHOOT ROSIE FOUR TIMES.

Lora Perry -  The police officer never knocked on the door until after they shot Rosie. I was in the fenced off back yard with Rosie when the officer asked if I had seen a big dog in the area, he was on the other side of the fence. They had to manually open two gates to get into the back yard. And they never told me to into the house with the kids As the witness to this event I will also say that Rosie never moved from her original position, they shot her exactly where she stood peering at me through the bushes. The officers were shooting at a still target in a fully fenced off yard. If I would have known that they were going to gun her down I would have stopped them. They should have told me.I would have let her stay in the yard for as long as needed. I also forgot to mention the officer chuckling as he explained to me that "they had never had one this big before". Not ever considering the danger and sadness they put upon my family. It makes me sick to my stomach to think this happened in our community.

It is to late for Rosie, but maybe we can protect other pets. Sign the Rosie Petition here.


  1. Every time we read anything about this story, it makes us sick to our stomachs. Just absolutely horrible.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. that is unbelievably tragic and makes me angry shocked. I tried to sign the petition but it took me an error page. Helen

  3. Here is the link for the petition

    Not sure why it would take you to an error page unless maybe there was a lot of traffic or something.

  4. Poor, sweet Rosie. My mom signed the petition.

  5. OMG! Is there no end to the brutality of mankind. It makes me ashamed to be human.

    Dear little Rosie, RIP. And know that not all humans are like that.


  6. Thank you for running this story. I will sign the petition.

  7. That just makes me cry.

  8. I respect the police. I love the police. We couldn't have a civil society without them.

    But the tendency to give increasingly unsupervised freedom to the police to shoot and taser people and animals without consequences has gone too far.

    Somehow, somewhere, this growing problem needs to be reined in through judicial action.

    The Big Thing


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