Scylla Sunday

 Technically I am not breaking any rules, I am NOT on the Kitchen Counter I am just on the bookcase in the Family Room. I like it here because I can watch Mommy cook.

 I has to wash my paws before dinner.

 I enjoy taking a nap after dinner.

 I loves to sit in my Daddy's lap.

 I love to sleep in Eldest Boy Bean's laundry.

I am dreaming of King Brian. Artemisia is having so much fun with all her boyfriends, going dancing, out to eat, and for a stroll in the Butterfly Garden it makes me wish Brian would ask me to do something. Maybe I should start playing the field hard to get ;>) what do you think? Yeah, you are right playing hard to get is probably too much work. I'll just go back to my dream nap.


  1. Oh that is SO COOL. We do alot of that too.

  2. Looks like you have a lot of special places to cuddle in your home, Scylla. And this is the modern world, don't wait for Brian to ask you - ask HIM:) We bet he would love to do something special with you.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. I love after-dinner naps, too!

  4. Awww lovely Scylla!!! Me and Charlie just know King Brian will be under your spell very very soon!

    We love that you have lots of favourite places to rest and nap! Yay! take care

  5. If King Brian is who I think he is then he is well worth the wait and I wouldn't play too hard to get or you could lose him!

    I love how you can watch Mommy cook without breaking any rules!

    Love, Cody
    PS: tell my future wife I say hi!

  6. Scylla, You are really a champion sleeper. And, how could Brian possibly resist you?

  7. You sure look pretty Scylla, but that's quite normal for you my lovely LadyCat!

  8. You are so cute and sweet, Scylla!

  9. Thanks Brian, you are very sweet. I had a lovely dream about you.

    Cody, I will tell Artemisia you said hi.

    You are right OP pack I needs to think of something fun for me & Brian to do.

    Everybody thanks for visiting me.~Scylla

  10. Hi Scylla!! Nah, don't play hard to get...just keep napping and dreaming about Brian. We know he'll come around soon.

  11. Miss Scylla, Maybe you and King Brian need a Vacation!

    Mommy thinks how you sit on your Dad's lap is precious.

  12. I'm sure Brian would love to take a special trip with you.


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