What I want to Buy my Mom & Dad fur Christmas.

Frankie is hosting this Thanksgiving post. Go by his blog to find out what other furies want to get their parents for Christmas.

Well we woulds like to buy a cement floor for the greenhouse so Mommy wouldn't have to weed in there. We would also like to get her a cook, maid to clean the house, and gardner to do the weeding, planting and other stuffs. This would give her more time to play, pet and cuddle with us. Alas we do not think our allowance is big enough to buy these things (sigh). So we guesses we will just have to buy her some gourmet cheeses, maybe she will share them with us.

We thinks we will get Daddy a birdbath, then he can watch the birds with us. Not sure if he will put it in the Butterfly Garden or the Hummingbird Cottage. Maybe we can get him some hummingbird feeders for the Hummingbird Cottage too. We will also try to buy him some rocks so he won't have to spend all his time going to get them and lugging them home. If we had a bigger allowance we would fence in the entire yard for him, but apparently fencing cost lots of money and takes lots of work to put up (sigh). ~AFSS


  1. Wot thoughtful presents ~ but we're betting that wot they'd like most of all is tons of purrs and floofy cuddles from yoo.

  2. You have some great ideas. I have no idea what I would want to get my Mom for Christmas. She seems to have everything she needs. Maybe I'll just give her some extra-special cuddles and purrs.

  3. Such very thoughtful gifts - we will wish for some magic to make them happen.

    Happy Thanksgiving Day!

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

    Our post was all set to post this morning and somehow blogger ate it:(

  4. Wow, y'all are great shoppers, I don't have my list started at all!

  5. Those are some furry pawesome gifts!

    I KNOW they would be furry and purry appreciated!


  6. I LOVE the thingys you are wantin to give your mom and dad. That cement floor is a super idea. I have a bird baff and I KNOW your dad will LOVE that thingy. Grrrreat choices fur them both.


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