Fenris is a MALE dog.

We bets you will finds lots of male cats and dogs @ Daily Dose of Dogs aka Cats With Your Coffee. They are having a comment-a-thon today through the 19th. For every comment left on the blog through  December 19th, Petey, Jack and Spunky will be donating 50¢ to the Winnie’s Wishes Fund.  

JFF is doing a comment-a-thon  for Milk Bone's  Bark It Furward Program today.


  1. Phew! We hadta try and try and try to make yoor comments werk today ~ and now they have werked, we can't remember wot we was gonna say!!! MOL!

    Oh yes ~ we've visited Daily Dose and we hope they do really well for Winnie's Wish.

  2. Oh yes, indeed, that's one handsome hunk of MALE.

    Woos, Ciara

  3. Howdy Fenris!!! We've commented at that thons too!

  4. Yes BUDDY, I new that. I mean how could anybuddy Not see all your Male traits???

  5. Of course you are Fenris!! And a handsome one at that too!!

    Yay for the commentathons - thanks for the links! Take care

  6. Handsome Fenris, we're off to comment!

  7. Oh yes!

    Ciara may be young but she knows a hunk when she sees one!



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