Thursday in the Garden

 OK, if you bigiffy the picture you might be able to see the ice Mommy ws taking a picture of. See it was in the fountain. Mommy remember it broke the fountain last year (she glued the pottery back together) so she dumped the ice out and took the fountain to the garage and THEN she thought about taking a picture to show you. Reliable HELP is so hard to find.

 The Stokes Aster and the Bugleweed are doing well.

 The Roster Violets. Ayla & Iza are right they are a type of Pansy.

 The Carolina Jessamine do you see it trying to bloom. 

 The Rosemary, it is growing nicely in the Charybdis bed. You can see it better now that the other stuff in there is gone.

 We think this is a Foxglove trying to come up.

 The Camillias

 We have a pale pink bush and a hot pink bush.

Stop by Jonesie's for more garden tours.


  1. That is wunnerful that you got stuff still growing! We are used ta plants bein all dead by now.

  2. I think it is amazing that you can have ice in the fountain and flowers blooming at the same time. Our garden is all brown and soggy right now.

  3. We find it amazing too and in Mommy's case she has been seeing it for years. One year when she was little there was an ice storm and flowers were blooming. Mommy said they looked magnificent encased in ice, although after the ice melted the blooms didn't look so good.

  4. How very beautiful! We always enjoy visiting you!

  5. Everything sure looks nice down your way! Merry almost!

  6. Looks warm and sunny by you. Youa re so lucky, its cold and snowy here with more snow on Christmas Eve and Christmas. Have a very warm and Merry Christmas.

  7. Wow that is some ice!!

    Yay that your mum glued the pottery together!!!

    Awww your garden is looking incredible still - the rosemary bush is very healthy but me and Charlie just love the Camilla buds - hot and pale pinks are my absolutely fave colours!!

    Take care

  8. Wow it is so nice where you are - you even get flowers and stuff! We only have snow everywhere - no pretty flowers (so we are a little jealous, we admit it). We think you having such a pretty garden all year is so neat!

  9. Once again, thanks fur sharing!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Fenris!

  10. Happiest of Holiday Wishes to all of you!!

    Fin & Mom

  11. Hi Kitties! Hope you are happy and warm and cozy during the holidays!

  12. Ice and flowers? You must have green thumbs!

    Wishing you a furry, purry, merry Christmas


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