Tsarina Tuesday ~Artemisia

We interrupt our regularly scheduled post to bring you some REALLY exciting news. Most of you know our friend Baby Patches she blogs at Confessions of the Plume and helps her Mom run a store, Nip & Bones with all sorts of stuff for cats and dogs. If you haven't checked Nip & Bones out we encourage you to so so. Anyway Baby Patches and her Mom are really nice they are running a Santa Paws Drive to take toys and treats to homeless pets and they are doing  a 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway. I know I know I am babbling, I tends to do that when I am excited. Anyway we wanted to help with the Santa Paws Drive, but we had already spent our allowance :>( there are just to many cats and dogs that need our help. Anyways we entered the giveaway and WE WON!!!!!!!!! 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways #7 CAT Holiday Gift Bag .We were thrilled to think about the wonderful gift bag we would be getting. It has  an eco-friendly catnip deer, 1 felt mouse, 1 ball and 1 bag of temptations all in a cute Holiday gift bag! And boy do I love Temptations they are my favorite treats, but then I started thinking................This time last year I lived outside full time. It was cold out there and sometimes I was hungry and nobody ever gave me treats or bought me toys. Now I has a wonderful home, somewhere warm to sleep at night and treats and toys. And I thought about all the cats in shelters that maybe hadn't ever seen a toy, so I wanted to donate the gift bag to the Santa Paws Drive but I had to ask Socks & Scylla cause it was there prize too. Socks remembered that December 19th was Whiskers' Gotcha Day and he thought it would be nice to donate the bag in Whiskers' memory. So that left TOY HOG Scylla to convince to give up her prize. I figured it would be a hard sell, especially since I knew how much she wanted the catnip deer. But she reminded me that her Litter-mate (she use to call her, her REAL SISTER but apparently I have been upgraded from an impostor sister) Charybdis died December 6th and she thought about how much Charybdis loved toys, especially balls. So she said that she thought Charybdis would really like it, if Scylla gave up her share of the gift bag in Charybdis' memory to shelter kitties. So we asked Baby Patches if it would be OK and she sent us a sweet email saying "we would prefer to sends it to you guys so you can has a gift from us I suppose it would be okay". So with Baby Patches and her Mom's permission we donated it to the Santa Paws Drive. And Baby Patches we has the bestest gift from you, we has the gift of knowing we did something nice for some kitties that aren't as lucky as us. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to make some kitty's Christmas a little brighter. ~Artemisia

Now back to your regularly scheduled Tsarina Tuesday............................

 Me and Scylla are eating a good breakfast before we go exploring.

 I am keeping an eye on the Hummingbird Cottage. The frost got most of our plants but the Carolina Jessamine is still doing well. It even had little yellow blooms on it.

 I miss the Zinnias and Butterflies that were here last week. They are all gone now.

 And my pretty Candlebush was killed by Jack Frost. 

 It is nice and warm by the Charybdis bed.

The Bottlebush is an evergreen so it is still pretty.

 See what a slacker my Mom is, she still has the Halloween stuff out. She promised to put the Christmas stuff out today. It is about time Mommy.

Scylla is getting a drink from our Drinkwell 360. We won it in The Pet Postcard Project, we really like it. It holds about a gallon of water. Even Fenris can drink out of it.

I am politely waiting my turn at the fountain. Do you think if I pounce on Scylla's tail it might hurry her up? ~Artemisia


  1. Congrats girls! Prezzizies are great. An you got a good one...

  2. How nice and generous you all are about donating your win! the Christmas spirit is truly alive and well.

  3. What a nice gesture!! It's like you are secret santas! What fun!

  4. Pounce away friend, pounce away!

    How nice of you to give your prize away!

  5. Hooray for all of you, such a nice thing to do. I loved all the pictures too!

  6. Congrats on your win = you all are just awesome to give your goodies to the less fortunate. That's what Christmas is all about. We are sure Santa will reward you well for your generosity. Thank you from all of us for the wonderful thing you are doing.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  7. SIGH... you got to be a winner times TWO.. furst in the contest and NOW by GIVING IT TO THE LESS FORTUNATE. SIGH You are just wonderful!!!
    Grrrreat fountain.

  8. How nice you of you all to decide to donate your prize to the shelter kitties! You must feel great. :) I hope they love them!

  9. Congrats and it is so nice of you to be giving to kitties that don't have homes or fun toys.

  10. Awww yay for sending your prize to shelter kitties!! That's such a chrismassy thing to do - yay!!!

    And thank you for showing us around your lovely garden!! Me and Charlie hope the candlebush will grow again!!! We think your garden is still looking lovely despite Mr Jack Frost's efforts!!! Take care

  11. it is still verreh nice in your garden even though Jack Frosty gotted some of your flowers. and that was such a NICE fing to do, to donate your prize to the poor homeless kittehs...

  12. Giving to those hoo need is always really nice ~ 'cos yoo get a warm feeling in yoor heart. Thank yoo for being so kind.

  13. Thanks for mentioning Nip and Bones. We've been trying all week to get the biped to order us some presents for the shelter kitties. Maybe she'll do it now before she spends all the green papers on fabric.

  14. You Kitties are just the best! Some kitty will have such a Happy Christmas, and that's wonderful.

    Your yard is still pretty, even after Mr. Frosts's visit. We stoll have green things too.

    We have a fountain like yours and we thinks it's great...but don't you mind Fenris spit in your water?

  15. What a lovely pot, Artemisia! md what we love best of all is that yu are no longer an "imposter sister"!

    The Chans

  16. KhonKhats!

    AND what a pawesome akht of howliday kindness!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Fenris!


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