Wordless Wednesday


  1. dems purrtee garden stuffs.... I likes da yellow flower...

    Hope you hads a Merry Chrissymouse.

    Mom gots ta gets dem drawingz dun! day waz all half dun Last Toozday.

    But a cold buggy bit hur and Hur slept rite thru Chrissymouse!

    We gonna makes Mom go see da doctor tommorowz.... plz sends heelin purrz n stuffoms...

    We gonna sleeps on Mom til hur purrz bettur.

    Miri n Da Foster Kittiez.

  2. Oh how lovely! We have grey sky and fog here today in Sidmouth ~ so these pics are very cheery!

  3. so nice

    we are back in the blogworld ^^
    sorry that we didnt visit your blog in a long time. we miss ya!

    El'bow & Hauwii

  4. So many pretty things growing there. Makes Mom wish it were spring again.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  5. Beautiful shots of very delicate blooms and shoots!!! Thank you! Take care

  6. With all the snow we've been seeing lately, so nice to see some pretty flowers!!

  7. Wow, pretty stuff, all we have is cold and gray!

  8. Darlin' Socks, our mama has been so hit and miss with visiting this past week, that we didn't realize you were having problems.........we purray for you, cuz we believe better late than never is always a good thing.

    Love to all of you.

  9. What beautiful flowers. We hope it's a sign of spring! We don't like this cold weather! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  10. It is so nice to see all the pretty flowers with the crummy weather we have been having here! They are so nice and cheery!

  11. How pretty, spring is around the corner.

  12. Thanks for the purrs Sandy & Andy. I can still use them as I get medicine poked down my throat twice a day and I has to go next week and get my staples out (hopefully my chest will be all healed up by then). ~Socks

    Thanks everyone. ~AFSS

  13. That has given us cheer in the grey. Gorgeous yellow.. Hugs GJ xx


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