Roll On Mississippi: Tullis-Toledano Manor 2002

Hurricane Katrina destroyed Tullis-Toledano Manor, so these pictures Mommy took when she went on an archaeological dig there are extra special to her. She posted all about it @ Roll On Mississippi: Tullis-Toledano Manor 2002


  1. Oh what a shame!! And it was a beautiful museum too!! You got pics of the interior so that's something to treasure! Your boybeans are adorable!! How long were you in Mississipi for? Will you be returning?I hope so!

    Take care

  2. Oh, we live here. Tullis Toledano Manor was about 30 minutes South of our house. And Beauvoir is about an hour from the house.

    It was nice looking back at when the boybeans were little. They are young men now and tower over me.


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