Scylla Sunday

Mommy had the throw folded up into a nice bed for me. Since I was sleeping on it, she went got the other throw (which looks much better on your bed Mommy) out of the living room to put on her bed. I of course promptly jumped up on it.
See the red looks better with Mommy's bedspread and I thinks my furs go better with it too.

I has to find just the right spot.

Ok Mommy, you can get in bed now.

It has come to my attention that my reputation is being maligned and that I am accused of biting Socks. I agree with Daddy 100% the bite marks are too big for me to have made. I do not have a BIG MOUTH. I thinks Fenris did it.

Artemisia: I don't think so Fenris could swallow Socks whole.

Oh, so it was smaller then Fenris but bigger then me right?

Artemisia: Well smaller then Fenris anyway.    

Maybe you did it Artemisia!

Artemisia: Uh, Scylla my mouth is much smaller then yours.


Well anyway Socks is doing great and we are all getting along. He goes back to the VET Thursday to get his staples out. ~Scylla    


  1. We all know you wouldn't have done it to your brother. All matters now is that Sockie is alright.

    SS won a kitty throw in a charity raffle. She will let me use it this winter. It's too hot now.

  2. Humph, sounds like guilty until proven innocent there. You seem to have been set up. Just go with it and look adorable. I don't think you are going to beat this rap.


  3. Aww sweet Scylla!! You are just lovely!! Me and Charlie are sending lots of healing hugs and purrs to wonderful Socks. We know you all get along great!!

    Take care

  4. We are 100% certain that Fenris did not bite Socks, and we really don't think you could have done it either, Scylla. Artemeisia? Nah - she is too little. We think it had to be a squirrel.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  5. It is very important to get the color coordination right when it comes to throws!

    Maybe it was somebody's evil twin??????

    The Chans

  6. Mommy says it could have been a raccoon, but she is pretty sure it wasn't a squirrel.

    Thank you for your support everyone. ~Scylla

  7. You certianly have a nice comfy spot to snuggle down in. I am wondering how Socks is doing? I hope each and every day he is getting better and glad to hear that he is improving.

    Wishing you all at your place a wonderful new year filled with fun, happiness, good friends, and good health!

  8. You do look good on that blanket, Scylla!! And we know you would never bite Socks!! We're just happy he is doing better!

  9. We know you would never do anything naughty. We think "Not Me" did it!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  10. Grete woofie wants you to know that she'd come and defend sweet way that sweetheart would harm a fur on Socks...and Scylla, we think you may have been framed!

    We're just happy Socks is going to be fine.

  11. SQUIRREL.... I am sure it was a squirrel. Prolly with Fake Teefs in its mouf.

  12. We are just glad Socks is getting better! It sounds like a raccoon to us...around here we have sneaky possuums that are worrisome. Lots of love, Holly and mom

  13. Hello sweetie Scylla, just take a snooze and don't worry about it. We're just happy Socks is healing up nicely!

  14. glad to hear Socks is on the mend!

    I KNOW that Artemisia would NEVER have bitten Socks...she is much too much of a lady for that!

    Love, Cody

  15. I think you look comfy. If no one saw anything then I don't think yo should be blamed..

  16. Fenris told me what he saw -

    I believe him!

    PeeEssWoo: Right Fenris? *WINK WINK*

  17. We believe in your innocence!

  18. You look lovely on the red throw Scylla!

    An we have a theory about the bite. Is it Sock's size? Maybe he bit himself during a bad dream... A no one is really to blame that way!


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