Socks ~ Mancat Monday

 Do I get treats for modeling?

 OK, you can take my picture.

 I used to love to play with the Dragonfly. Artemisia ate it though. Thankfully Mommy got the plastic away from her before she digested it.




We got fishes for Christmas and they are as much fun as the Dragonfly was. We also won a neat Birdie as a prize that is tons of fun. Even Scylla likes playing with it. She likes it so much she will play with it by herself.  We will be showing you pictures soon.

Scylla's boyfriend King Brian had a special request that I think is very important. He ask that I please remind you of the importance of helping out your local shelters. And I wants to add that if you see a kitty or doggie in need please do what you can to help. I  knows that it will be greatly appreciated. ~Socks


  1. Helping local shelters is important. Mom does is by re-cycling unwanted stuff to their fund-raising-shop ~ all profits go to help the shelter. We also have a clear out of our toys from time to time, and donate some to them. It's also possible to donate cat food to them ~ there is a collection box in our local supermarket.

  2. Mieow Socks, you are looking extra handsome today. You should pose more since you get treats for it. I am going to ask SS for the same.

  3. Beautiful Socks!! You are just so adorable and so photogenic!! Enjoy your fishes and birdie toys!!!

    Yay for lovely Brian too! take care

  4. Great modeling there, Socks.
    lools like you are enjoying that paper too. Have fun with your new toys and be sure to get some more photoshooting done.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  5. What wonderful pictures of you, handsome Socks.


  6. You look great Socks! I love playing with toys.

  7. The many moods of Mancat Socks! Gosh, you sure are Most Handsome. I can't wait to see pictures of the birdie. Is it a REAL birdie?

    Oh, and me and mom think that's a most wonderful reminder abouts helping out shelters. In fact, we're doing a commentathon on this Thursday to help the place that rescued me. But I'm telling everybuddy about it today. Come on over and see!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  8. I still can't get past the fact that Artemesia ate a dragonfly!! OMC!!

    King Brian is wonderful to have all of us spreading the word, isn't he?

  9. Socks, we love the photo of you yelling at the flashy box! In fact, we enjoyed all your photos today verreh much.

  10. Hey Fenris -

    Please give Socks a special treat from me!


  11. We thinks you did a perfect job modeling, what wonderful pictures!


  12. We want to charge breeder fees every year to everyone who doesn't neuter, and we want public TNR programmes....

    Adopting form shelters and neutering is a must. Au, Target and Boris are ex-strays and retired gentlemen cats too.

  13. You should get paid for your modeling! Yucky dragonfly.

    Good words about supporting your local shelter

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