Swinging Cats & Dogs

Artemisia: Guess what??? When the boy beans were little they used to have a swing set. I thinks we should make the Mom get us one.

Scylla: I bet she could find a swing set for us at Wayfair.

Socks: Girls why do you want a swing set? I thinks I would rather have a hammock.They has hammocks @ Wayfair too. How about you Fenris, what do you want.

Fenris: I wants a porch swing.  

We guess we will have to let Mommy pick out what we should get. ~AFSS


  1. Personally I'd like a cat bed-or fishy flakes!

  2. Fishy flakes would be good. We could all enjoy those.

  3. Mom would like a porch to put a swing on:)

    Phantom wants to warn you that it is not a wise thing to scoot under a baby swing when it is in use:( He got whacked smack dab in the middle of his back very hard about five years ago. He was OK, but we could tell it really hurt. He no longer goes anywhere near the swings if the kids are on the playset.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  4. Those are some swinging ideas! I think you should get at least one of each!

  5. We think a swinging hammick would be cool!!

  6. Hi Eferybody,,,
    We jus popped in to let you know dat we Absolutely luvz comin to visitz you cause you Alwayz haz some cool goin on,,,
    so we'z haz somethin fur you guyz,,, if you would likez to stop by and pickz it up.

  7. We think we would frow up on a swingset. But if you don't, that sounds like a great plaything.

  8. Fishy flakes sound good but so does the swing...

    Thanks for purring for Au. He ate three bites of chicken so I'm hoping he'll get better soon.


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