Tsarina Tuesday ~Artemisia

 I gets along with all my siblings.

Socks and I get along with Fenris, Scylla well she acts loony around him, but I think she is beginning to catch on to dog management 101.
 I gets along so well with Fenris I kiss him on the mouth sometimes.

 Here I am reassuring Scylla that Fenris will not hurt her.

He doesn't even herd/chase us. See he is a flock guardian not a herder. Flock guardians tend to blend into the flock and generally ignore the individual animals in favor of keeping an eye out for potential threats.Well Fenris hasn't got the ignoring us part down yet, he would love for us to play with him, but he doesn't try to herd us. So all you kitty Mom's that have invited Fenris over to come herd your clowder. Fenris would love to come guard them for you, but if you wants them herded you has to do it yourself.  He isn't dumb, herding requires running around and getting hot and sweaty and stuff. The Fen likes to kick back and take it easy. You most often see him laying at Mommy's feet or laying on the picnic table. The key word being LAYING. About the only time you actually see Fenris moving is if the Mom takes him for a walk or a squirrel invades his yard. And I has to warn invading squirrels when he chooses to move he moves very fast. I thinks he may actually catch you if you gets to far from the tree and he can even jump pretty high, so watch out. And he likes playing chase, and fetch. But mostly the Fenris just lays around, that is why we gets along so well with him. And that is why we told him to enter the Good Ole Dog Boys/Gals category at Mango Minster 2011. If you hasn't entered the deadline is January 30th and they even has a category for cats that us cats entered as a group. Anyway if you head over you can read more about the rules and stuff, just click here.

As one of the first three entrants in the Kittehs Category the Mango invited us to his estate. We had a great time hanging out with everyone. Although I did get a tad smushed. You can read about our visit here


  1. We must say, Artemisia, that you are looking most Tsarina-like in that third photo!

    Lots of great advice on getting along with woofies. I applaud you, Your Cuteness!


  2. You get prettier and prettier every day, Artemisia. Why does it not surprise us that the Tsarina would be the one to get close enough to Fenris to give him a kiss? Good Ole Dog for sure.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. We loved all your photos today, Artemisia. And we think it's pawsome you get along with all your siblings. You need to come and teach Annie that...when she feels better!

    (And thank you for the purrs! She's still not well, hiding in the basement and not really eating, but at least nothing nasty is coming out of either end, knock on wood.)

  4. We can send Grete woofie over to herd you. She herds us all the time and woofs at us when we play too rough. Fenris is such a good woofie!

  5. We're glad yoo all get along so well!

  6. We are so glad that you all get along so well!! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  7. Beautiful Artemisia!!!! You are not only gorgeous, you are a supreme diplomat!!! Me and Charlie love your pics here!! We think adorable Fenris is just lovely too!!! Take care

  8. Very nice that you understand who Fenris is. I bet he appreciates your intervention.

  9. Mommy says "shoot"! She would love to see us all herded up. Or at least sleeping all at once.
    Artemisia, it's good to get along and not fight, that way you can kick back and relax! And girl, you are TINY!

  10. Those are such pretty pictures sweet Artemisia! I'm glad you have everything under control!!!

  11. hello this is Sachie Goma's mom, are you AFSS?? I hosted a giveaway a while ago and your name came up, I e-mailed you and I didn't get reply so hopefully this comment form you will see it. Would you send me your address so I can send Pet naturals to you? Sorry if you already reply me and I missed your e-mail.

  12. Oh, Artemisia, you are just the sweetest. I luvs that you luv Fenris so much. I luv my brudder Cap'n Ripley a lot and sometimes he kises me on the mouth, too! It's scratchy...kinda like getting a little massage.

    Thank you for explaining to us abouts the difference between a guard dog and a herding dog. I think most kittehs would like to have a guarding dog and not a herding dog.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  13. How about Grete comes over and herds Fenris. Us cats don't think we would care to be herded. But we thinks it would be great if she kept him out of the study for us. Dogs do not belong in there cause us cats said so.

    Mommy says you can't really tell how tiny I am until you pick me up. My fur adds a lot of FLUFF.

    Great to see everyone. We didn't get to visit much cause Mommy had to do something for her hmeschool blog. Thanks for visiting us. ~Artemisia

  14. You sure know how to get along with your siblings, especially Fenris. You are looking more and more beautiful, little one!

  15. Awtemisis
    I'm soglad that Fenwis is such a wondewful laid back bwuddew to you and socks and I'm suwe that Scylla will eventooally get to twust him and not be afwaid too.
    I will go see how you did on the Estate and check out youw entwies fow Mango Minstew
    smoochie kisses

  16. There is nothing prettier than a puddle of cats.

  17. Hi Beautiful Artemisia! I haven't seen you in a long, long time...I miss you!

    xoxo Cody

  18. We think it's nice that you like Fenris so much, you will kiss him on the mouth! How cute!!

  19. You are a very likeable kitty, Artemisia. You get along with all.

    Looks like you had a fun visit to Mango's.


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