Us girls thinks our hats are the height of FASHION. Thanks Sammy & Andy's Mom for hatting us. We enjoy being fashionable kitties.

We thinks Fenris looks very suave and debonair in the hat the Mad Hatter picked out for him. And he is obviously enjoying the treat Mommy gave him. We thinks treats are always in FASHION. ~Artemisia & Scylla


  1. Yay for being beautifully hatted by the amazing mum of Sammy and Andy!!

    Awww gorgeous Scylla, Artemisia and handsome Fenris!!! You are all adorable and at the height of FASHION! Take care

  2. Y'all sure do look stunning! You are all fashion all the time!!!

  3. We loved that y'all came into the hattery....and we are so happy you liked your hats.

    Thank you for your friendship...we love y'all a lot.

  4. All of you look wonderful in your hats, but if I may be so bold, Artemisia you are particularly fetching in regal purple so fitting for your Imperial Fabulousness!!!

    ~Prince Casper

  5. You are all the epitome of high fashion. We just love all your hats. Fenris, you DO look very debonair - parlez-vous francais aussi?

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  6. Fenris look at your hat!We think you are funny!

  7. Awtemisia , Scylla and Fenwis
    Youw fashilnable hats on youw bootiful and handsome selves is making me think of the booty of spwing.
    You all look pawfect!
    smoochie kisses

  8. Awwww,,, You All look so Gorgeous in your Stylish Hatz,,,How Bootiful ^..^ and Feneris what can we say ,,, so Debinaire !!!
    Purrz xoxoxo ~

  9. You are all VERY fasionable! Those are impressive hats.

  10. You all look so fashionable!!

  11. Prince Casper, thank you for noticing how regal I look. ~Artemisia

    Everybody thanks for visiting. ~AFS


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