Happy Cat Family Photo Contest

We are going to try to enter this, if we can get Mommy to spare us a few seconds of her TIME to help us with the technical stuffs. It is for a very good cause. So if you have $5.00 and the time please consider entering to help Gracie and Bugsy with their vet bills.


  1. We will probably do that too...such a great way to help them.

  2. Brian, you make me smile. :>) ~Scylla

  3. Charlie's entered!!!! Yay!! We hope to see you guys and gals there too!! Take care

  4. Hey, you got the template tiled. It looks nice. :)

    We like your tribute to Annie above.

    The photo contest should be fun.

  5. That is a soopew sweet pictoowe

    btw, Fenwis..I dwessed you and you will be at the pawty, sopleez stop by tommowwow
    I love you all
    smoochie kisses

  6. Thanks Jan, I wish everyone could see it on my youngest son's monitor. The template looks really awesome on it. ~Alasandra

    Thank you so much for dressing me Asta, my human is useless. ~Fenris

    Everybody thanks for visiting us.


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