Tsarina Tuesday

I am the chief gardening cat around here. I am trying to decide what should go in this bed, besides me of course. I thinks I look purrfect here, don't you? I am thinking honeysuckle and Gaura would look nice in here. Our single specimen survived the winter nicely.

Now that I have performed my gardening duties I thinks I shall go fishing.

The pond has some nice size fish in it.

You has to be careful going down the bank. You don't want to make a big splash and scare the fish away.

This bush is also a good place to hide.
 Nobody can see me when I am hidden in there.

Guess I better go see if Mommy needs more help with the weeding. She tends to slack off when I am not around to snoopervise.  Beans are so unreliable sometimes.

The oak tree is nice and shady and makes a good place to snoopervise unseen. Unfortunately the Mom seems to need a bit of prodding to get back to work so I'll have to go meow at her.

Daddy is dong a good job on the Hummingbird Cottage. He is working on the floor now.



  1. I think you are the best looking thing it that bed, Artemisia, though honeysuckle would be nice, too. Humans are so lazy when they are left on their own. Go meow at Mom!


  2. Artemisia, yoo are an expert when it comes to snoopervising yoor beans, espeshully in the garden.

  3. Thanks for visiting everyone. ~Arty Mouse

  4. Beautiful Artemisia!! You are one amazing head gardening kitty!! Me and Charlie think you are doing a grand job snoopervising mum and dad!! Thanks to you your garden is coming along nicely! You have the bedding all sorted for planting and sleeping!! Yay!! Enjoy your fishing but please take care! x

  5. Artemisia, we think you're a terrific snoopervising and gardening kitty. And you certainly have a large property with lots of gardens to oversee. We hope you get lots of extra treats for your hard work.

    -Fuzzy Tales

  6. Artemisia we know the garden will look great with you snoopervising the work to be done there.
    luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. Oh Artemisia, you totally OWN that garden!

  8. Artemisia, you are a very different kind of gardener from Miss Ciara:) We bet your Mom is very appreciative of your help. Great job checking out the fish. And we admire your Dad for finding time to work on things in the garden with all that is going on now.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  9. You seem to have a lot of work to do out there. I hope you get a chance to nap!

  10. Lovely Arty! (May I Call you Arty?)
    I am a big fraidy cat and I admire you pluckiness and bravery so much!

    You truly are an Empress, of my heart.

    xoxo Tiny Johnson, Yr suitor

  11. Mom says honeysuckle reminds her of when she was a little girl. We're surprised she can remember that far back.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  12. Artemisia, maybe you should leave a garden bed empty...to better show you off when you sit there and snoopervise!

  13. Artemisia, we are impressed that you are not only a great gardener, you are an expert fisher too!


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