Mancat Monday & Shabby Chic Day

Inspired by Alfie I am decorating Eldest Boy Beans Dresser. Cats improve any decor don't you know.

 I wish I could claim it was an original idea, but Whiskers taught me this decorating tip.
 Here he is improving the looks of the Dining Room by sitting on the China Cabinet.

Whiskers 2004

We don't have pictures of Whiskers' ultimate decorating achievement he painted the garage, the Boy Beans' go-cart and Daddy's CD player a lovely shade of furred butt blue. Alas instead of going to therapy the beans spent hours cleaning up paint and even took Whiskers' to the vet where the lovely blue butt furs where removed.

I am simply exhausted, us guys have been hard at work. Doing what you ask? Well first Daddy burnt off all the tall grass on the other side of the pond. Then Daddy tilled the ground up and then he (with a little help from the Mom) planted wildflower seeds. I of course had to snoopervise their endeavor.

Mommy and Fenris reported seeing some seeds sprouting after their walk a couple of days later, so it's nice to know all our hardwork wasn't in vain. I am also happy to report that the Stokes' Aster has tons of buds on it and will be blooming soon. The roses are in full bloom and Daddy got more work done on the Hummingbird Cottage. ~Socks


  1. Oh, my! Fur butt blue go cart and CD player? Now that would have been an impressive photo! But these were fine examples of kitteh improvement decor!

    Neat! A wildflower garden out of the ashes! Can't wait until you take us for a stroll through it!

  2. There's nuffin as stylish as butt fur on furniture! Wiv owt doubt yoo are masters of Shabby Chic! Yoo should feel proud of yoor achievements!

  3. (Modestly) well they were mostly Whiskers achievements. He was a pawsome decorator. But I have tried to carry on his work.

    Thanks for visiting everyone.~Socks

  4. Amazing decorating talent!

    Wildflowers are so beautiful! Farmers here in France are encouraged to sow wildflower seeds on fields that are lying fallow and some of them are just gorgeous!

  5. Awwww adorable Socks!! You certainly make that lovely piece of furniture even lovelier!! Yay!! Awwww wonderful Whiskers was a great mentor!!!

    Gosh, you all deserve extra treats for such a hard work in your beautiful garden!! Take care

  6. Whiskers was a Master, but we think you're doing just fine, Socks! Soon you'll have Master status too! :-)

    -Fuzzy Tales

  7. Whiskers was an awesome teacher for you...clearly you learned your lessons well.

    We can hardly wait to see your wildflowers.

  8. I think that adds just the right touch, well done!!!

  9. Wow... you weren't kidding me.. your dad made a HOOOOOGE fire!!!

    I have some sugar snap peas just starting throught the ground. Yay fur springtime.

    Love your decorating skills.

  10. Oh my, you did a good job. I love all the photos. We do make everything better for sure.


  11. You do a fine job of the chic part!

  12. Blue butt painting? That must have elicited lots of swearing, tears and laughter. Poor Whiskers. Probably scared him!

  13. Actually Whiskers seemed very pleased with himself, it was the beans that were nervous wrecks. ~Socks

  14. We think you are the purrfect decoration, Socks!


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