Tsarina Tuesday

My very dear friend Cody had a Giveaway on his blog for his birthday. I won $25 to give to the pet charity of my choice. I choose Animal Protection and Education Association, Inc. of Mississippi. They helps all animals and they are one of the very few no kill shelters in our area. Sadly they at full capacity now and cannot take anymore animals. Please visit their website to see all the terrific animals they are caring for.

I wants to tell you about their mascot Ruffy, who has a forever home at the shelter. He is a "homozygous merle" (genetically correct term), Australian Shepherd. Ruffy is primarily white with a patch of blue merle. He is a result of someone breeding two merle colored Australian Shepherds together. Ruffy is deaf and has very limited sight, but he leads a very happy life at the shelter.

They has lots of dogs at the shelter for adoption including two homozygous merle brothers. One is deaf and blind and the other is just deaf. Most of their doggies are older and none seem to be house trained. But they all look like they would make great additions to someones home who was willing to train them. There are plenty of cats and horses that are looking for a homes too.

Thanks for giving me this opportunity to help them Cody. You are a very special mancat to do something so nice. ~Hugs & nose kisses, Artemisia


  1. What a lovely shelter to donate too!! Me and Charlie pray and hope that all the woofies and kitties there find good homes! Take care

  2. How wonderful of you to do that, Artemisia. We so wish all those pups and kitties in rescues could find forever homes.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder,and Ciara

  3. We are so furry happy to know that the woofie has a home for life. If he lived in our town we know that our momma would want him to come live with us.

  4. Thank you for telling us about this wonderful shelter, Artemisia! We wish they all could find wonderful, loving forever homes too.

    -Fuzzy Tales

  5. What a wonderful shelter to donate to. They are clearly very worthy.
    We can't imagine how hard it is for a doggy to be deaf and blind. Blessings to all the animals at the shelter.

  6. Hooray for your donation to such a wonderful and caring group! Smiling I am!!!

  7. What a special place fur your pawnation!

    Mom gets sad when she reads about these genetikh disasters khaused by humans -

    Thanks fur sharing this pawesome safe haven!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Fenris!

  8. hi Artemisia! What a great contest that was! We are so sad that the shelter is all full - we think no kill shelters are wonderful and wish there were more of them (or even better wish that shelters weren't needed because all the cats and dogs and other animals in them all had good forever homes). We think that you made a great choice for your donation!

  9. Thanks for visiting everyone. I wishes we could do more to help the shelter.

  10. It sounds like you made a great choice for the prize!

  11. you are most welcome Artemisia!! It was mine and my Mom's pleasure!!! We were so happy to help!

  12. Good choice! We love no kill shelters too.

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