Fenris Friday with Flowers

Isn't the Hummingbird Cottage pretty. Mommy has seen Hummingbirds at the feeders, she is too slow to get their pictures.

Awhile back our friends at Clean + Green sent us DeSkunk Coat Cleaner, I hasn't run into any skunks but I did roll around in the remains of something dead. Mommy thinks it might have been a rabbit at one time based on the tiny bit of fur she found with what she refers to as disgusting stuff. According to Mommy I STUNK!!!!!! She sprayed me with the DeSkunk Coat Cleaner and except for the fact that I don't like Mommy spraying me with anything I guesses it was OK. Mommy seemed to like the smell or rather the lack of STINK and I didn't mind the way it made me smell. Just wish there was some other way to get the stuff on me. Mommy is dangerous with spray bottles.

NO!!!! Mommy I don't want you to spray more DeSkunk on me. I don't care if I smell like a wet dog.

The Gaura, the Grandma really liked this plant. Mommy is going to try to root her some.

I am showing the Grandparents around today. I am sure I don't know why Mommy stuck this leash on me, something about jumping up on people. Well how else am I suppose to say how excited I am to see you?  We gots it at CSN Stores.Com I really likes the burgundy color, I thinks it matches my furs nicely. Mommy says it is a little to wide for her hand but that the leash is well made and looks nice.  She would like it better if it was a tad bit thinner and braided all the way like the leash I broke.

Grandpa was really pleased with how nice his roses look (He rooted them for Mommy and gave them to her).

Mommy thinks this is a Rosa multiflora aka Rambler Rose. It is growing wild down by the pond in the woods. She wants to clear off around it the next time it blooms so we can see it better. It is very pretty and Mommy estimates it is about 7' tall.

Mommy warned Grandma to stay away from the Bottlebrush so she wouldn't break out. Mommy is allergic to it and she figures Grandma might be too.

Grandma thought the Charybdis bed looked nice.

The verbena is gorgeous of course. Grandma gave the verbena to Mommy.

Grandma liked the Lamiastrum growing around Whiskers' grave. We has two different varieties in the bed. Our apologies for not commenting. We have been unable to comment on some blogs and we are just now able to do anything with our blog. Mommy says blogger is doing maintenance or something, plus the Youngest Boy Bean Graduated with Honors from the Community College so she has been distracted and no help at all to us. ~Fenris


  1. Hi Fenris! We are sorry you got sprayed but it is still probably better than having to have a whole bath - think of it that way!

    The garden is so nice and pretty - your mom and dad and all of you do such a good job with it!

    And don't worry about things - we all had the blogger problem and it is finally starting to (slowly) get back to normal! And Congrats to the youngest boy bean - that is great that he is graduating with honors!!

  2. Not the spray thing!!! We you did good showing US the flowers handsome!

  3. We would love to meet a hummingbird. Probably not a dead rabbit or skunk though.
    Oliver and Ruby

  4. Awww stunningly beautiful Fenris!! Me and Charlie just know you smell of fragrant blooms like these amazing rose bushes!! Yay!!

    We think your hummingbird cottage is going to be even more wonderful once it's covered in roses!

    Yay for your grandparents visit!! Enjoy, take care

  5. What a pawsome garden and humming bird cottage!!! Wow your humans did a really good job. We hope you cans watch lots of birdies
    Bengal Trio =^_^=

  6. All the plants in your yard are so lovely! We think we has that same wild rose. It smells good, too...


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