Mancat Monday

I enjoy all the flowers Mommy planted. The Hummingbird Cottage is a great place to relax and the roses smell good.

The asters are blooming.

Mommy thinks the wildflower is some type of orchid.

I enjoy laying in the sun watching Mommy weed.

Sometimes I lay in the shade.

And sometimes I even..................................

sit by my sister.

PS: I am trying to teach Artemisia to be invisible, but I thinks I am doing a much better job of it.


  1. I love asters. Have fun watching Mom weed.

  2. Looks like Summer is setting in with lovely sunshine, colours and love!

    Well, help your mom a little will ya!!

  3. Awwww wonderful Socks!! Yay for snoopervising mum weeding and for helping sweet Artemisia be invisible!! Your garden is lovely as always!! Take care

  4. You are lucky that your mom doesn't force you to help her Weed.. like MY mom does with me.

  5. Artemisia seems to be having some trouble being invisible...but I'm sure you can teach her!

  6. What a beautiful shot through the lattice work! Socks, it is nice to know you and your sister are good friends. She can learn a lot from you.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  7. Ah look at how lovely everything is there!

  8. Artemisia could NEVER be invisible,
    even if she tried...she is too beautiful

    ~her prince,

  9. That 1st picture was cool! We thought it was individual pictures laid out in diamond shapes, but then realized it was the trellis. MOL!

  10. Hi Ayla, Iza & Marley that would have been neat if Mommy could do that. We will have to see if she can do something with our pictures like that. ~Socks


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