Tsarina Tuesday

 The front flower bed.


 The divine smelling rose and the Gaura. 

 The Bougainvilea

 The Swamp Irisis

 Technically this is a weed, but me and Mommy thinks the flowers are pretty. It is a type of grass.

 All this gardening has worn me out. I am going to rest under the wagon while you finish weeding Mommy.

 Now that I am rested i need to examine the Wisteria.

 It had a bug on it.

 I thinks I will hide now, I bet nobody knows where I am at not even Mommy.

 Do you think she will find me?

Bottlebrush up close



  1. Your garden is so lovely. The crab apple tree next door had just come into full bloom. It was gorgeous. Then it snowed yesterday. Now all the petals are on the ground. Sigh. I wish spring would hurry up around here.

  2. Our plants think it is summer here. The Pineapple Sage is blooming.

  3. Your gardens are just gorgeous, Artemisia. You have lots of great places to hide, lots of bugs to catch and eat, grass to nom...What could be better?

    -Fuzzy Tales

  4. Beautiful Artemisia!! Your garden is looking so gorgeous - yay for lovely weeds too!! :-)

    Good luck hiding from mum!
    Take care

  5. Artemisia, you are a beautiful jungle kitty hiding in the tall grass!


  6. You have a lovely garden and I'm sure she will enjoy walking around looking for you...

  7. Yoor garden is looking really beautiful!

  8. That look so nice sweet Artemisia, you've earned your rest!

  9. Hi Artemisia! You do such a good job with your garden! It is already so pretty and spring is just starting! And you of course look beautiful as always!!

  10. Miss Lovely Arty Mouse, I'm so happy you got a bug! Right now I'm stalking a big pigeon...when I get him I'll come over and we can have pigeon pie!

    Yr Suitor, Johnny xoxo

  11. Cool! That little plant with the white flowers? We have them too but TBT is pullin up every one he sees cuz they spread all over the place. They ARE kinna pretty.


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