Scylla was Tagged

I was tagged by my boyfriend Brian so I guess that means I’m it. If you don’t know Brian, you should visit him, he works really hard to get cats adopted into loving homes. He has lots of questions for me to answer so I guesses I better get started.

Do you think you’re hot?
It is 90+ degrees outside, of course I am HOT!

Upload a picture or wallpaper you are using at the moment.
This is a picture of my beloved sister Charybdis. She went to the Rainbow Bridge December of 2009. I still misses her a lot.

When was the last time you ate chicken meat?
Yesterday, Mommy lets me have a taste when she cooks it.

The song(s) you’ve listened to most recently?
Well Daddy listens to a bunch of different music that half the time I don't know the name of. But Mommy was listening to I'll Still be Loving You by REO Speedwagon the other day.

What were you thinking when you were doing this?
That I was ready to go outside, but Mommy wouldn't let me cause it was still dark out and I couldn't even properly pester her cause there was a doggie sitting by her.

Do you have any nicknames?
Sure Kitty Cow (which I do not like, I am not fat Daddy), Silly Scylla, Scyllie (pronounced Silly), Lovebug and one that I am not allowed to say but it rhymes with witch.

Tag 8 blogger friends (tag you’re it)!
  1. Khyra
  2. Fenris (my brother)
  3. Ginger Jasper
  4. Phantom from the OP Pack
  5. Cody
  6. Penelope, The Cat from Hell 
  7. Cliff (Charybdis' boyfriend)
  8.  Misses Peach
 Who is listed as number 1? Khyra, her Mom helps transport rescues. 

Say something about number 5. He is a sweet guy. He was the first mancat to take Artemisia out to eat.

How did you get to know number 3? He visited our blog

How about number 4? Same way they visited our blog.

Leave a message for number 6. I so admire your attitude, I dream of being referred to as Scylla the Cat from Hell.
 Leave a lovey dovey message for number 2 
Do I have too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh all right. Fenris even though you are a HUGE doggie you are my brother and I love you. Just don't get to close OK

Do number 7 and number 8 have any similarities?
I had to think about this one but yes, they have both lost someone they loved. Cliff's girlfriend Charybdis ran off to the rainbow bridge and Misses Peach's husband, Mickey has also gone to the bridge.


  1. That was fascinating learning Scylla!

  2. Thank you for visiting me when I was sick - it was furry kind of you. We liked reading the answers to your meme.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. What a fun tag!!! Phantom says thank you for selecting him although you know he is pretty shy:) We will have him work on it soon. We loved all your answers.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  4. We loved your answers, Scylla! And our mom just about spit out her iced tea when she read your last nickname, the one you're not allowed to say.

  5. Those were great answers my sweet Scylla! You're hot fur sure!!!

  6. Lovely Scylla!!! You are just adorable!! Yay for being tagged!! Take care

  7. What a fun game of KhyttyTag!

    I'll try to get my sekhretary to help me paw it 'soon' -

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Fenris!

  8. Scylla I loved learning more about you! I don't think you are fat one bit either!

    My Mom and I sooo enjoyed reading this!

    Ok now you are making me work, MOL. Mom said I can do my post on Sunday! Look for it then! :)
    Your friend always, Cody

  9. I just love learing more about my friends. I have found out several things that I didn't know. Also, the big one being that I didn't know you and Brian were a couple. Way to go!


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