Thursday in the Garden

(pant, pant) Did we make it to the meeting on time? Good, we has been busy getting ready for our Flower Show. Thanks to those of you who sent flowers for the show and we hopes all of you will come visit.  We has  a sample of what is growing here now.

Our Mums are blooming

They white Crepe Myrtle.

Mommy loves this view from the Hummingbird Cottage.

Katie Ruellia

Black-eyed Susan Vine

And the Yarrow is blooming down at the Butterfly Garden.

We hopes we see all of you tomorrow. ~AFSS


  1. How pretty you keep your garden, we love it!

  2. Awesome! We must have missed a post somewhere ~ can we jin in your flower show? What do we have to do ~ or are we too late?

  3. We don't know where to e-mail our flower pic to.

  4. My mom love the Black-eyed Susan Vine..She said it's so pretty, I like the same photo as her but I like the basket..I think that's a comfy outdoor BED : )

  5. Yay for your beautiful blooming garden!!! How lovely!!! Good luck with the flower show!! Take care

  6. Your garden is lovely - you have some lovely plants and flowers.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. Mom took more flower pictures so we'll have some to post tomorrow...then we'll head on over for the show!

  8. Pretty, pretty, pretty!

  9. Oh such lovely flowers. Wouldn't it be nice if my human actually had flowers to take photos of?

  10. Glad that you made it to your meeting on time!!

    YOU BET your Furry Paws.. I'll be seeing you tomorrow and Saturday fur the Big Flower Show!!!!!
    THANKS In Advance!!!

  11. So beautiful!
    We love all the colors in your garden.


  12. We sure enjoy seeing all your flowers!

  13. I am in love with your Black Eyed Susan vine! That is soooo pretty!

  14. OH thhose black eyed susan's are some of my favorites!! See you all tomorrow!

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby


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