Scylla Sunday

 I have decided to lend a paw with the gardening. There is a lot to do so Mommy can use the help of all of us.

 I am waiting for Mommy to tell me what she needs done.

 She said it would be nice if someone smashed the ants that have invaded the Hummingbird Cottage.

 I volunteered to do that.

 Ants I will smash you if you come near me.

 I thinks I got all of them.

 Now I am going to take a dust bath.

 The Maypop is getting tall.

 Mommy you need to deadhead these asters.

 (Sigh) A gardening cats work is never done.



  1. Scylla, I wonder what your mom say when you took a dust bath ; )
    I love it too, but you see..I got the black fur, it's really hard for mom to see..That's my trick : )
    Happy Sunday

  2. Scylla, you are not only a great ant smasher, but a very pretty one too. You look beautiful against all those pretty colored stones in the cottage.

    Have a lovely Sunday.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. Sweet Scylla!!! You are so helpful and just adorable! Yay for snoopervising mum!! Take care

  4. Make sure all those ants are dedded! Oliver X

  5. Oh Scylla, you really did work hard out there in the garden. We think you need a nice long nap. What a good helper you are for sure. Good job with those ants. Take care. Have a super day.

  6. Hello my beautiful Queen Scylla! You sure did a great job on those pesky ants!

  7. Scylla, You wouldn't want to OVEREXERT yourself now, would you? Were those ants tasty?

  8. Good work smashing the ants. We don't like them because they bite us. The roll in the dust looked good.

  9. Scylla,
    You worksez az hard at da garduning jobz az our Delilah doez. I yam amazed at garduning catsez. I would nevfur lift a paw... not evfun fur maraudin' antsez.
    Tanks fur vizytin' us durin' hard timez & new timez. Although Ella iz not a replacemint fur our Angel Auntie Stinkie, she iz bringin' some divershun fur us catsez who were down in da dumps. We tink Ella iz just what da Doctor ordered! I guess I should know dat, bein az... well, I yam a dr, ya' know?
    Dr Tweety

  10. Scylla, you're a great help to your Mom!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  11. Scylla, smashing ants sounds like a fun you need any help?

  12. You look pretty even after that dirt bath, Scylla! The garden looks good! Have a pawsome day. xoxo

  13. Scylla, you are such a good helper! If you get anymore of those ants, let us know...we can come and help you smash them.

  14. You are such a great helper, Scylla. When you are done, you can come and hlep SS and me with our garden. The flood has washed some of the beds away and the wind has wrecked my pink Barbie tent.

  15. You are quite the busy girl, Scylla.

  16. OMC! We LOVE smashing ants too! Yoo did an awesome job snoopervising yoor mom!


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