Find Fenris?

Can you believe they will not let me on this pier. I thinks that is very rude of them. I thoughts it might be fun to see if my friends know where I am at? Can you find Fenris?

I got this idea from Chey, we has so much fun on Find Chey Friday.


  1. Beautiful Fenris!!! How could anyone miss your sublime gorgeousness??!! Yay!!!

    Awww so sorry that you're not allowed on he pier! :-(

    Nevermind - have fun anyway!

    Take care x

  2. You look very handsome there, Fenris. But we don't know where you are. Maybe we need to go on a roadtrip to find you.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. A road trip is a wonderful idea then you could walk on the beach with me.

    Thanks for visiting everyone. ~Fenris

  4. PS: Mommy says I should give everyone another hint. I is about 25 minutes from my house according to Mommy.

    According to me it takes forever to get there. ~Fenris

  5. If they won't let you on that pier Fenris, then perhaps we don't really want to go there! That is quite rude!

  6. Well they do let me walk on the sidewalk and they has a farmer's market I can go to. But I agree not letting me on the pier is very rude.

    I am at the Ocean Springs Beach where we walk with Mommy's friend on the weekends. ~Fenris

  7. I am as good at finding Fenris as I am finding Chey! NOT!

  8. I agree that you look incredibly handsome and I think it is awful that they won't let you be on that pier, but I also have no clue where you are!

  9. Gosh, I don't know, but it is beautiful!

    Your pal, Pip


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