Troublesome Tuesday & Cat Talk Time

Scylla is in TROUBLE, she has been peeing and pooping in the house. She found this corner in the family room that is kinda unused. It is behind Daddy's humongous speakers, and isn't very noticeable from the rest of the room. About the only time anyone ever goes over there is IF they go out or in the back door. That back door isn't used much cause it is right next to the back door that goes into the Utility Room. The Beans use the Utility Room back door, more then the Family Room back door. Anyway Mommy & Daddy are mad at her and want her to stop using the Family Room as a litterbox. We don't know why she is doing it. She has gotten where she doesn't want to go outside, not even out in the garage.  It isn't a Urinary Tract Infection  Mommy took her to the vet to make sure.  The beans got a Rug Doctor and shampooed that area thoroughly, but after they did it she still went over there to pee. Mommy got a Bissell  and has cleaned it good again, she also got a Citrus Scented Glade Automatic Spray thingy in hopes of keeping us all out of that corner. So far that seems to be working but it is giving Mommy sinus problems. We also got a brand new litter box, so now there are four litter boxes plus outside for us to use.

We aren't extremely clever kitties so it was hard for us to come up with words that were uniquely our own. We mostly try to use the humans words.

I is a PigMouse because I eat so much and am so tiny. 

When we are angry we gets hissy and Fen gets growly.  Me and Fen swarm over each other, and do the ArtFen Dance. Mommy says Fenris probably smells like ME cause I rubs myself all over him.

ArtFen Dance

We hopes you will visit Zoolatry to see more words. ~Arty Mouse


  1. Now that is an interesting word.

  2. Maybe you need to fool her and put a kitty Kat litter box over there. Or at least a roll of toilet papers
    Benny & Lily

  3. Oh no! Hope momma's headaches clear up real soon! Sneaky little cats - going behind the speakers....

  4. Awwww sweet Scylla!! Me and Charlie hope the extra litter and new litter boxes will help you!! We hope you soon adjust and stick to using the litter! Yay!!!

    Awwwww you beautiful kitties and lovely Fenris are very very clever indeed!!You help snoopervise mum and your garden is glowing! Yay!!

    Take care

  5. Your mommy might try Feliway. Humans can't smell it and it shouldn't bother her sinuses.

  6. The Vet suggested Feliway if the problem persisted. So far the Glade has done the trick and Scylla hasn't found anywhere else in the house to use. Thank Cat

    The Vet also suggested putting a litter box there and then slowly moving it where Mommy wanted it if we couldn't stop her from using that corner.

    3 of our litter boxes are covered, the new one is uncovered and Scylla seems to like it best so that may be the solution.

    Please keep your paws crossed that she continues to use the litterbox. ~Arty

  7. We're crossing our paws that the uncovered litter box does the trick. Our mom has two covered ones for us, but hasn't used the covers in years. They're a pain in the butt, she says, when you go to scoop and clean. The other litter boxes we have are regular ones that didn't come with covers.

    We think you were pretty clever with your words. We didn't even do a post, 'cause the mom isn't that creative at all.

  8. Maybe she MISUNDERSTOOD and thought it was called a
    ssssPEEker instead of a speaker.

    OR maybe she just Modest and wants a PRIVATE place to potty.

    There is a product called
    X-O by Don Aslett that is terrrific fur ... keepin it from happenin again.
    My mom found it on QVC. Not Cheap but very very... effective and totally SAFE fur being around US.
    My furend Miss Buzz Off the groomer lady was soooooo impressed that she is now buying it in GALLONS (ordered directly from the D.A. company) to use in her "little shop of horrors" and says it is a Miracle... She now thinks that I (Frankie Furter) am a genius fur tellin her about it.
    Hope this "situation"
    "All works out IN THE END".
    A bit of potty humor fur you.

  9. Oh my sweetest Scylla, something is just not right. I hope the Mom and the Vet are able to figure it all out for you soon. Hey, I did like your words!

  10. Sounds like Scylla is upset about something....has anything changed at all in her environment?

    Btw, Carper says he could never call you a pig Artemisia no matter how much you eat!!! You are just his beautiful mouse :-)

  11. We hopes Scyll doesn't get into too much trubble and the beans figger out why she's goin outside the box. Mom thinks sumtimes sum of us are just ornery. Great Cat Talk Time words and pics! xoxo

  12. Oh pee is the worst. Have you tried getting a Feliaway? We had a cat that was peeing on the couch EWWW and that was recommended to us.


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