Fenris Friday & Mo Cats Day

 Some of us STAY when we are told to.

And some of us do not.

But all of us agree there should be Mo Cats on the Internets.

In the spirit of Mo Cats Day Charybdis and Whiskers have their own post on their blogs.
Charybdis' post
Whiskers' post 

It is with heavy hearts that we have learned Beau's Mom, Cathy, has passed on.

graphic by Zoolatry


  1. Such sad news ~ we can barely believe it. Sincere condolances to all family and friends.
    We hope Beau is going to be ok.

    Purrs from Milo and Alfie xx
    and love from our mom xx

  2. Fenris - you are gorgeous as ever! Artemisia is a true diva queen kitty and me and Charlie are would like to wish you all a very happy Mo Cats Day!

    We are so sorry to hear about Beau's mum. Very sad. Take care

  3. I was very sad to hear about Beau's Mom too.

    Happy Mo Cats Day y'all!

  4. I do not know Beau butt I am so very much sorry to hear about the family's loss.

    MORE CATS... THAT is just what I think Blogville Needs... We do NOT have enough Cats.

  5. Your blog looks so lovely and bright. Nice post today and we are sad also for Beau to lose his Mom.

  6. Today we visited your angels Whiskers and Charybdis, for the first time. We are so happy to know them on Mo Cats Day!

  7. Happy Mo Cats Day! We purring for Cathy's family too.

  8. I don't know Beau or his mom but I'm very sorry to hear this.

    Thanks for your sweet note about Annie! I love the pics of your obedient dog and you um, not-so-obedient kitty. :)

    Happy Mo Cats Day!

  9. We're so sad about Cathy. We purr and pray that Beau and Cathy's family will be okay.

    Happy Mo Cats Day to all of you.

  10. Yayayayaya for Mo Cats in the innernets!

  11. Fernis, is Friday the only day you get to blog? If so we need to change this..I can't wait all week to see your cute face. :)


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