Photo Hunt Yellow ~ Party @ Asta's

Livestrong Day is October 2nd. This is the picture Mrs Ann made for us to use last year. On October 2nd we will unveil our picture for Livestrong Day 2011.  We hopes you will join us in participating in Livestrong Day. To find out more about it please visit the Livestrong Blog here.

The color for Livestrong Day is YELLOW. The flowers in the above picture are a yellow Angel Trumpet (top),  yellow Buttercup (middle in the middle and a whole bed of them at the bottom) and our yellow Candlebush (middle right side).

Now we are off to Asta's to help her celebrate her 5th Birthday.

While Socks & MoMo are stuck in traffic, with the rest of the gang................

Ollie, Gracie, Opus( back seat), Momo, Karl  (2nd Row) Rusty, Merci, Cyndi, Buddy, Ruis (back seat), Socks (3rd row) Cameron, Sam, Cotton, Percy  

Brian, Scylla, Prince Casper, Artemisia and Fenris are already at Asta's and ready to party.

King Brian, Queen Scylla, Asta, Prince Casper, Tsarina Artemisia & Fenris

Since Scylla has lost some weight Artemisia suggested they leave for New York early so they could do some shopping. Somehow Arty even purrsuaded Brian, Prince Casper and Fenris to come along. Prince Casper hired a limousine to chauffeur them around to all the stores.  Arty found the purrfect pair of high heels, she is almost as tall as Fenris in them. When fashionista Arty saw the green dress she advised Scylla to get it as it matched her eyes purrfectly and she looked pawsome in it. When Scylla saw how Brian looked at her in it she happily followed Arty's advice. After a romantic carriage ride in Central Park the limousine delivered them to Asta's door step. Scylla and Arty brought some flowers for Asta that they picked in our Butterfly Garden. They tried to bring some butterflies, but the silly things refused to cooperate with them. Apparently they did not wish to attend a party in New York. A wonderful evening was had by all once Socks, MoMo and the gang arrived.

Happy Birthday Asta!!!!!

Asta, Thank you for inviting us to celebrate with you. ~AFSS


  1. There's always a ton of traffic in NYC! :) Cool pic and we'll see you over at the party!

  2. What a great day it will be as we all celebrate sweet Asta's birthday!
    Looks like all of you have already had a blast!!!

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  3. My date is totally gorgeous!!! SMOOCH Scylla!

  4. Wow, everyone looks so amazing today for Asta's big barkday! It's gonna be a lot of fun helping her celebrate!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  5. Happy birthday beautiful Asta and yay for Livestrong!!

    What a brilliant trip to New York - yay!! Take care

  6. This is going to be a fun day if we can ever get to Asta's place. Another day of good food, friends, and birthday celebration!!!

  7. Wow, the girls got the guys to go shopping with them. They do all look pawsome.

    Buddy is glad to be out of the traffic jam. He got tired of climbing in and out of the cab to pee.

  8. Thanks Brian, ~Scylla

    It is so nice to be together with all our friends to celebrate Asta's birthday. We can't believe she is five she doesn't look a day over 1.

  9. Arty you are the most beautiful kitty in all of New York City!!!

    ~Your Prince,

  10. We love your LiveStrong pic ~ thank you for supporting LiveStrong Day! xx

  11. Sounds like a great time. I should send you a pic of my dad's yellow car to add to all that yellow :)


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