Eukanuba 28 Day Challenge Week 1 ~ Fenris with help from Scylla

(Fenris) I was outside when someone drove up with a package for us. I barked real LOUD to let the parents know someone was outside.

(Scylla) Daddy came in carrying a big box. I of course had to check it out.

It had dog food in it. Mommy why isn't there CAT FOOD in here??????? Mommy explained about Fenris agreeing to take the 28 Day Challenge, Do they has one for cats?

(Alasandra) Scylla I don't know if they have a 28 Day Challenge for cats. If they did they have a weight loss cat food that  I would love for you to try.

(Scylla) I don't like DIET FOOD!!!!!!!!

(Alasandra) I know Scylla, I think that is pretty apparent to everyone (sniggering) but you might like Eukanuba's cat food.

(Scylla) Well their dog food does smell good.

(Fenris) when I finally got let in I rushed over to check it out.  Nice eye catching picture don't you think?

Of course it would look better if I was on the package. I had already had my supper so I had to wait till the next day to try it.

Mommy choose to get  Eukanuba Custom Care Healthy Joints for me to try.

Not only is it suppose to keep my joints healthy, it is suppose to removes the tarter from my teeth.

And look everybuddy I got a new toy when we were at Petsmart. Mommy looked to see if they carried Eukanuba but they didn't.  RATS!!!!! I am going to let Mommy answer some questions while I plays with my squeaky toy 

First Week
  • What was your first impression of the new packaging of the Eukanuba food?  I thought the packaging was eye catching and that it was easy to see and read all the information.
  • Was there something specific that appealed to you about the Eukanuba formula that you selected for your dog? Since Fenris suffered from Panosteitis as a puppy I always look for food and treats that help maintain joint health. I was pleased to see the high levels of Glucosamine and Chondroitin.
  • How did your dog react the first time you fed him the Eukanuba food? The way he normally reacts to dry dog food. He sniffed it and nibbled a little. Great Pyrenees aren't real big eaters. And yeah I know Fenris is on the small size for a Great Pyrenees. The best we can figure is he is a cross between a Great Pyrenees and an Australian Shepherd. Would love to do a DNA test to find out for sure one day. But he behaves a lot like my Dad's purebred Great Pyrenees, especially when it comes to food. He eats about 2 cups of dry dog food a day, and nibbles on it throughout the day. With the cooler weather he is more active and is eating more. Right now I give him 2 cups of dry dog food at breakfast and if he has finished it I give him another 2 cups before I go to bed, he sometimes eats about half of it before I get up, sometimes it is still there in the morning untouched, and once in a blue moon he has eaten all of it and wants more. Although I just discovered the cats have been eating out of his bowl. I caught the 3 of them in the act. Poor Fenris he was just watching them with a sad look on his face. 


  1. Lucky, handsome and gorgeous Fenris!! Me and Charlie hope you have a great time with this challenge! Enjoy! Take care

  2. Hey handsome Fenris -love that last pic of you. We may need to move in with you, we only get one csapu of food twice a day, and trust us, there is never any left after about 15 seconds (unless you ate Phantom).

    Good luck with your challenge.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  3. Okay kitties, no eating the dog food, that is for Fenris!

  4. Fenris we hope you enjy your new cats food and don't find some of it piled on Alasandra's dish!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Fentris - our most grovelling apologies for our Mum - she should have said DOG FOOD!! You just can't get the staff these days!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. Fenris, those are some great pictures of you. We did not know you might be a cross between a Great Pyreness and an Australian Shepherd. That is such a great cross and I bet you are such a good dog. We have an australian living here. That is too bad about your joints but we think a lot of Aussies have joint problems. At least almost all of ours have had it. Hope the new food helps you.

  7. Fenris, we wish we were woofies so we could try that food! Your smile sure shows how happy you are!

  8. Hey Fenris! I agree that YOU should be on that food package!

    I am not always a really good eater and #1 always looks for tricks to maintain my weight. Right now, I get fed twice a day and get about one and a half cups of dry food mixed in with some warmed wet food with a little extra water added. I have been eating like a good boy lately! Of course the absolute best is when she cooks for me!


  9. I has to admit yesterday I ate like a pig I had TURKEY & HAM, the real deal. And I thinks I gets some more today. That is if I ate everything from yesterday. I actually had to stop eating they gave me so much ham & turkey. I thinks I likes having Thanksgiving @ our house. ~Fenris

  10. Hannah and Lucy I understands about staff. ~Fenris

  11. I hope you enjoy your new foods! And that it is indeed good for your joints!

  12. Yes, the kitties here eat our food as Jan is fixing meals.

  13. Oh Fenris, I think you great the way you are <3

  14. I'd buy that food if woo were on the pakhkage!

    Just Sayin'!


  15. Great pictures it is obvious to see your passion for picture taking and animals with in. Should you ever have a need for Dog Playground Equipment or supplies found typically in dog parks please let us know we would be happy to help.


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