Fenris Friday

 I am hanging out with my brother. Socks has lots of interesting toys. Hey Socks I thinks this is my neckerchief.

Socks has claimed the box as his bed. Guess I'll go see if Mouse wants to play. ~Fenris


  1. We are pretty sure that box is fer cats!

  2. Amazing Fenris!! Hope you find Mouse and have lots of fun games together! Awww enjoy your box, lovely Socks! Take care

  3. ope you can find someone to play with today Fenris! We;ll come over!

  4. Aw, Fenris, we hope someone wants to play. Might as well forget about Socks, all right, at least until he tires of the box. :-)

    Happy Friday and weekend to you all!

  5. It sounds like you're pretty good about not stealing kitty toys, Fenris!


  6. I am sure that Arty Mouse will want to play... You need a Play Mate fur sure. It DOUBLES the FUN. RIGHT?

  7. I hope you two have a fun weekend! Howdy my pretty Scylla!

  8. Cool box. I'd come play with you there.

  9. Wow look at all that stuff!
    Benny & Lily

  10. Finn, so glad you came to play, it is nice to have another dog around. Tommy I never steal their toys/their food but those varmint steal my stuffs all the time. Scylla is eating my food as we woof, gotta send the Mom to take it away from her.

    Chey, Socks will be happy to share the box with you. For some reason he does not want to share it with me.

    Thanks for visiting everybuddy. ~Fenris

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  12. Hey Fenris!
    Wow, look at all that stuff! Say, you keep your kitty in a box?!? Hmmm. Maybe not a bad idea. BOL
    Have fun with Mouse.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  13. Fenris Friday is my favorite day of the week on your blog. :)

  14. Khwikhk!

    Khlose the flaps!



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