Scylla Sunday

 Oh bast it turned cold on us before we expected it. Daddy hasn't got the Greenhouse put back together so all the plants in pots are in the garage. Mommy got some Candy Corn Cuphea planted a few weeks back and it is doing well. Supposedly it will come back again next year.
 Aren't the roses pretty.
 I is enjoying the sunshines.

Butterfly Weed

 The last of the Butterflies for this year.

I thinks I'll take a nap now ~Scylla

I just found out that Kat's Kat: Second Annual Everycat Sleeping Contest was extended. I excel at sleeping. Here is my entry (Scylla).

Scylla & Socks making use of the sleeping bag

And here is Socks's entry
Sibling love (Socks loves Scylla)
And here is Arty Mouse's entry
Artemisia zonked out


  1. You are all excellent sleepers! Happy Sunday!

  2. Hi Daisy Happy Sunday to you too.

  3. Those entries are gonna be hard to beat! Good job sleeping!!

  4. You look beyond happy in your garden today. Love the photo. How I am jealous that you are having this beautiful weather while our weather continues to get ready for the colder months.
    Beautiful garden!!


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