Seven Cats Maybe More............ By Artemisia

 This is my birth sister Tippy Toes' baby. I guess that means I am the little ones Aunt. Mommy got to pet it but it is so small it went right through the bars of the cage and escaped from Mommy.

 This Tabby has interesting markings. Mommy doesn't remember seeing it around before. And it does remind us of Annie from Fuzzy Tails.

 Grandpa feeds them in cages.

This beauty reminds us of Fin. Mommy got to pet it too. Poor thing it was very brave and got in the cage to eat and then Monster Mommy blocked the way out and insisted on petting it.

 This is my birth sister Tippy Toes. She is a little bit bigger then me.

 Mommy even stuck the camera in with the poor dear in an attempt to get a better picture.

 This lovely Tabby looks like a tiger to us.

 This isn't my birth brother but it looks just like him. My birth brother disappeared, this makes us very sad. He was friendly and loved for Mommy to pet him so we hopes he wondered off and found a loving home somewhere. Grandma claims that he wasn't one of the ones Grandpa took to the Animal Shelter. It scares me to think of my relatives being taken there. Mommy wanted to rescue me and Blackie but Blackie freaked out when Mommy took him in the house, so she couldn't rescue him. And please Mommy tries to get Grandma and Grandpa to have their cats spayed/neutered but they will not. There isn't anything she can do about it. So don't get mad at my Mommy. She even offered to pay to have it done and they still wouldn't do it. They think it is a waste of money.

And Mommy says this kitten looks like a young Socks. There were so many Mommy couldn't count them and some of them don't come up while she is there, but there were at least seven that she saw.  ~Arty Mouse reporting on the Cats @ Grandma's House.


  1. No, it's not your mom's fault at all they won't have their cats spayed/neutered. They're of a different generation and way of thinking, unfortunately.

    That tabby sure does remind us of angel Annie.

  2. Well we wish they would have the cats spayed as it would save so much suffering, but we understand they think differently.

  3. That was us ~ blogger wouldn't let us sign in. Milo and Alfie xx

  4. Beautiful cats! But we are sad that your grandpa and grandma won't have these sweethearts spayed. Awww nevermind, they are looked after and loved at least!

    Take care

  5. Jenna and Sissy11/30/2011 9:07 AM

    Note to the humans from our human:

    My sister and I had to find homes for 7 strays after my father died unexpectedly and we moved Mother to my sister's home. I would encourage you to think ahead and act. Our family loved animals and could not just walk away.

  6. It makes us sad too. It all started with my cousin's wife. She got a female cat Mrs Kitty and wouldn't have her spayed because she was going to be an inside only cat and she didn't want to go to the expense. Well when Mrs Kitty went into heat they couldn't stand the racket so they shoved her outside she got pg and they dumped Mrs Kitty and her female kittens on my parents and kept the two boy kittens. They knew they would be outside cats at my parents and they were suppose to have them spayed before they brought them over but they didn't. Now they have multiplied several times.

  7. Jenna and Sissy, there is nothing I can do. They are not my cats so I can not have them spayed/neutered and would be unable to catch them without my parents help. I also can not bring them all home with me. So I worry about them.

    If something happens to my parents I will have to figure out how to deal with the cats, the dog (who is afraid of people) and the goats. Rest assured I will attempt to do my best for all the animals involved, I will not just walk away from them. ~Alasandra

  8. What a cute kitty apartment complex. BOL. We agree, they should have been spayed
    Benny & Lily

  9. That is too bad that they won't get them spayed and neutered. I understand though, because the neighbors around here don't believe that is necessary either. There are a bunch of pretty kitties there. That one cat does look like Fin. Take care and have a good day to all of you.

  10. That is so sad that your grans wouldn't consider neutering/spaying the cats. They would just keep multiplying.

    That kitty sure looks like my SIF Fin.

  11. What sweet kitties. Like the others have said, we wish they could be spayed/neutered, but we know you would if you could.

  12. Such beautiful cats. This is an amazing colony. I admire your loving them.

    For those reading this, check out my cat blog archives for some informative posts and archived stories about the cat abandoned/feral colony I manage.
    Debby in Arizona

  13. Your Mom is the best and that little cutie does look like me as a baby!

  14. Aww...what cute cats. It is sad when people can't have their animals spayed and neutered and then the animals are the ones that suffer. :(


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