Thursday in the Garden

 We has lots to show you this week. Confederate Roses still blooming up a storm. They are a type of Hibiscus and they blooms in the fall.


 The zinnias are blooming up a storm.

 And the Goldflame Honeysuckle is a real showstopper.

 The Pineapple Sage is doing an outstanding job this year.



 We has lots of wildflowers blooming this time of year. They put on a spectacular show for us.

Purple Lantana

 We thinks this is Ironweed, but we are not sure.


The Sniffie Rosebush


The Society of Feline Gardeners is meeting today, we think Master Gardener Jonesie will be impressed with this weeks report. What do you think? ~AFSS


  1. Simply gorgeous! Sum furriends haf snow and you haf blooming flowers. We think we like yours better.

  2. So pretty! I can't believe how bright everything still is!

  3. Me and Charlie love your beautiful garden - full of flowers and pretty blooms!! Yay!Take care

  4. Thanks for visiting everyone.

  5. Just simply beautiful. Love all the pinks, roses, purples,and yellows - so very pretty.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  6. Wow, your gardens are so amazing. We'll have to teleport over for a romp in the grass, since everything in our part of the world has pretty much died off till next spring!

  7. lovely....makes mom wish she had a green thumb (though she got stuffed up just looking at the goldenrod)

  8. Jenna and Sissy11/03/2011 10:47 AM

    We're jealous 'cause we're headed for winter and you haf pretty flowers still.

  9. Well we are VERY impressed. Those flowers are awesome!

  10. What a lovely fall garden you have!

  11. We are envious of your pond! Do you have fishies in it?

  12. you sure have a purrty garden. No wonder you like strolling around
    Benny & Lily

  13. It is so nice ta see all the lovely flowers in yer gardens! Ours are mostly gone (but those marigolds an pansies just keep blooming).


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