Tsarina Tuesday

 I am relaxing in Mommy's new lounge chair. I thinks she bought it for me. Scylla is under the chair, do you see her?

 I am practicing looking pretty as a picture, do you thinks I have it purrfected yet?

 OK, I am ready to morph into the pawsome huntress.

 I am hunting Scylla. I know she is behind me I a trying to sneak up on her.

 MOL, I got her tail.
 Nope I am not trying to get Scylla now there is a bug on this plant.

 Can I eat it Mommy?
 Let's see what else I can find to play with.

 I spy a LIZARD!
Lizard do you wanna come play with me?

 Now I am ready for bed. Goodnight..............................
~Arty Mouse (& Scylla)


  1. TBT says he is gonna come over an steal that rose bush... Dont worry, we'll stop him.

  2. We are glad TBT likes it, but we will make sure Fenris keeps an eye on it, just in case he makes it past you. If Mommy can root one we will let you know. ~Arty Mouse

  3. You've also grown into a lovely girl, Artemisia! Was the lizard delicious?


  4. Arty Mouse, you are very busy with bugs and lizards. Looks like you are having a great day. Great pictures. WE like that rose bush too but roses don't do well here where we live. Have a super day.

  5. My lovely Arty Mouse, you are definitely pretty as a picture!!! That lounger looks big enough for two, can I come over for a snuggle?

    your prince,

  6. Jenna and Sissy11/29/2011 9:28 AM

    That new lounge chair will hold several kitties. Can we visit to catch lizards in your lovely garden and have a snooze?


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