Fenris Week 2 ~Eukanuba 28-Day Challenge

Well I just has to confess nothing taste better then leftover TURKEY & HAM, we are talking the real deal here. I thinks Thanksgiving should always be at our house. Not only did Mommy cook foods, Grandma brought lots of foods too and the cats and me got some. It was yummy to our tummies.

The Eukanuba is pretty good too and Mommy (the spoil sport) says it is better for me.

I say I wants table scraps 24/7. Don't think she will listen to me.

OK, Mommy says I can brag a little about how good I am. See the patch with NO GRASS. We got a new septic system and I haven't bothered anything. I didn't dig in it, roll in it (Scylla did roll in the dirts) or bother anything. Aren't I a good doggie? And it's in my back yard and everything.

Don't the fall leaves compliment my coat nicely?

OK, I am letting Mommy answer some questions again I has some pee mails to read.

Second Week
Are you noticing any changes to your dog’s appearance? Shinier coat, cleaner teeth, stronger nails? 
His breath certainly smells better. Fenris is a young dog and in good health so I haven't noticed any dramatic changes.

Are you noticing an increase in play drive/energy? What specifically?
Not sure if it's the food or the cooler fall weather but he is having a ball running and playing in all the leaves.

Does your dog like the smell and taste of the new food? 
Fenris seems to enjoy the food. Although he did boycott it the day after Thanksgiving. He seemed to think he was suppose to get more turkey and ham and he was probably still full from all the food he had Thanksgiving.

How is your dog reacting to the new food in general? 
Fenris seems very pleased with the Eukanuba and has been reminding me that he would like some food in his bowl.

I was pleased to note that Eukanuba has the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.  

What did you think of the food (texture, appearance, smell) when you first poured it into your dog’s bowl?
I thought it looked appealing, more importantly Fenris seems to find it appealing. It is smaller then the dry food he is use to, which the cats LOVE, it is just the right size for them.  I am having a hard time keeping the cats out of it.  It also retains it's smell after the bag has been opened. This is important as Fenris is a nibbler and eats his food a little throughout the day.  Table scraps and canned food are an exception to this, but then he only gets canned food once a month when I give him his Trifexis and I rarely give him table scraps. 

We wanted to let you know our friend Daisy Mae Maus is in need of purrs.
Graphic by Mo


  1. We agree with you, Fenris. Every day should be a turkey or ham day. You are looking great in all your pics. Enjoy your new food.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  2. Thanks guys. I am still getting the occasional bone, apparently Mommy saved some in the refrigerator. ~Fenris

  3. Fenris, we bet it would be fun to have table scraps too!! Moms are always wanting the "best" food for us :/ Oh well,heehee
    You do look mighty fine though,so your doggie foods must be good for you :)
    Purrs Tillie & Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  4. OH Fenris!! You are such a good handsome and wonderful woofie!! Me and Charlie just know that Santa will give you all you ever wish for! Yay!!

    Glad you are having a great time with the Eukanuba diet! Take care

  5. Fenris... you are RIGHT the leaves do compliment your Furs Colors...

    I am STUNNED.. You have totally left the "Dirt Area" alone??? Dawg Oh Dawg... I would have been in there diggin like 87 HOLES. I was wondering how in the Squirrel you could Resist... butt THEN I thought.. OH YES.. it is Santa Paws time. Gotta be on our bestest behavior... fur a few more days.
    Ernie and I Eat that You Caw New Bah foods every day... We like it. BUTT, there is always some of the HomeCookered Foods that my mom makes fur US.. on top. We eat THAT furst and save the Kibble fur dessert.

  6. It sounds good...now I need some ham!

  7. You have been very good. For a minute we thought you were going to tell us you ate all that grass, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  8. Such a good boy to leave all that stuff alone.

    I don't think you need to be on a diet...just sayin.


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