Fenris Week 4 ~ Eukanuba's 28 Day Challenge and Giveaway

I has some exciting NEWS  now that I've completed the Eukanuba 28-Day Challenge, I'm giving my pals an opportunity to try any formula of Eukanuba food for free! I am giving away one voucher for one FREE bag of any Eukanuba Dog Food up to 40lbs to one of my readers that are interested in trying their food.

There are three ways you can qualify, do all three and you get 3 entries:
1) Add a comment to this blog post that tells me why you want to take the Eukanuba 28 Day Challenge and why you should win the voucher
2) Tweet about this blog post and leave the URL to that Tweet in a comment on this post
3) You can blog about this blog post and leave the URL to your post in a comment on this post

You can qualify by one or all three of these methods. I will choose from all comments received and will announce the winner next week! (Dec 23rd) You can check out what other bloggers are saying about their experience with the 28-Day Eukanuba Challenge here.

Sorry Arty the Giveaway is only for DOG FOOD!!!!!! Now Mommy is going to answer some questions about how pawsome I have been doing while eating this food. ~Fenris

Fenris & Arty Mouse

  • In 100 words or less, can you please summarize your experience with the 28-Day Challenge telling us how your dog went from good to extraordinary? This has been a great experience the food was delivered right to our door and Fenris was eager to try it. His breath smells lots better and he actually seems eager to eat his dry food. Also since the kibble is smaller then he is used to he tends to actually stand at the bowl and eat instead of carrying the kibble to his rug. His coat and smile are just fantastic. Love those shiny clean teeth he is sporting.
  • Are you planning to feed your dog Eukanuba moving forward? I would love to be able to feed Fenris Eukanuba on a regular basis, alas my finances will not allow it. It is certainly going on the list of preferred dog foods and I will be keeping my eye out for coupons and bargains, unfortunately the local retailers do not seem to carry it so it will have to be ordered online, which having the heavy bags delivered to my door is really nice but makes it more difficult to find sales.
  • What was the best part of the Challenge? Seeing how eager Fenris was to eat his dry dog food.
  • What did you learn about your dog from the Challenge? That Fenris can actually ask for meals. Because the cats were eating out of his bowl I was having to put the bowl on top of the refrigerator in order to keep them out of it when Fenris was outside. He learned where I kept it and would go sit in front of the refrigerator and woo if I had forgotten to put it back down on the floor for him. I thought it was adorable, to see him wooing for his food.
  • Would you recommend feeding Eukanuba to others? YES!!!!!!! If you can afford it I highly recommend feeding Eukanuba to your dog and with all the different formulas they have I am confident you can find one that is just right for your pet.
Socks has a post up over at The Tabby Cat Club.


  1. Dog food. Hmmmm. Well, Guido is a greedy little pig in fur, so maybe he should get it even though he's a cat? MOL! Just kidding! Wishing some lucky dog lots of free food.

  2. Awwww wonderful Fenris - you are looking spry and sensational after this challenge! Yay!!

    Take care

  3. Isn't it wonderful when you see your pet really enjoying his food? We are happy that Fenris loves his new food. Mom just switched our food and we are doing well on it. Please don't include us in your giveaway - let some others have a chance.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  4. I am very proud of you Fenris!!!

  5. That does sound like really good food. We would like to give it a try. So please enter the drawing. We will go put it on Twitter. Will get the url.

  6. Twitter url. http://twitter.com/ande12

  7. Twitter url. http://twitter.com/ande12

  8. We would like to enter to win a certificate for free food. Mom's rescue has lots of doggies that could use some good food.


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