Sad News

Five Members of The Pittie Pack have left for the Rainbow Bridge. Goodbye Tiger, Lucky, Guero, Shelby & Coco Chanel.

Mayzie has set up a Chip In for the family. For those of you who don't know there was a fire. Also if anyone would like to borrow the graphic we made feel free to do so.

UPDATE: Mr Pip is doing a comment a thon for the Pittie Pack later today (Saturday, December 17th). 


  1. Hi. I've just read this over at Jan's Funny Farm. I am so horrified. Six dogs have died? Oh my goodness. This is too tragic, really. Too much! Goodness my heart's just breaking.

    Take care

  2. We are friends with them and feel just awful. Frankie just emailed us the news. Mom is in tears. :(

  3. We visited them right away to express our condolences...

  4. Heartbreaking. I will borrow it when I am ready to do a post tomorrow. Thank you for giving us the glimpse of the bridge.

  5. We read about them on the OP Pack blog and went over to pay our respects. How sad.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  6. I am not familiar with them but I am full of sadness just the same. That is just horrific. I am so sorry.


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