Thursday in the Garden with Arty Mouse

The obligatory glamor shot of my glamorous self.

Mommy got all the dead zinnias out of this bed, she made a bad mistake though she accidentally cut our Goldflame Honeysuckle down. We hopes it will grow back. Mommy is trying to root some of it in the greenhouse. We has our paws crossed that it grows back and that Mommy manages to root it.

The violet is doing good it likes the cold weather and will happily bloom all winter.

This is one of our last zinnias.

The Camillas are doing great. They are evergreens so the frost doesn't bother them.

This picture was taken last week. Mr. Jack Frost visited our garden and killed the Pineapple Sage, but the Rosemary is still  nice and green it will stay green all winter.

Close up of the Camilla bloom.

A wildflower Mommy saw when she was wedding. It has very delicate red flowers.

Lantana. still blooming.

I haven't seen any butterflies after Mr Jack Frost's visit. I thinks they are gone until Spring.

For some reason Mommy doesn't want me in the flowerbed.

I'll show her.

I is a cat I sits where I wants.

OK, I'll get out now.

If you insist I guess I will pose for you.

I agrees I is the prettiest thing in the garden.

I am going over to Jonesie's now to make my gardening report to The Society of Feline Gardeners, won't you join me?


  1. You are the prettiest thing in the garden, Artemisia! You are a purrfekt host and model. xoxo

  2. Thanks you ever so much Prancer Pie. ~Arty Mouse

  3. Mom loves that honeysuckle. We hope it comes back or at least roots for Mom.

    That first and last pic of you is one of the prettiest ever, Artemisia.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  4. Great tour Arty, but don't forget to nap early and often!!!

  5. Gorgeous Artemisia! You are indeed the prettiest thing in your beautiful garden! So glamourous!! Yay!

    Me and Charlie hope your mum's honeysuckle survives too! Take care

  6. You certainly are the mostest beautiful thingy in the garden. You are lucky to still have some flowers blooming... all I have right now is MUD and MORE MUD.

  7. Unless your human pulled or dug the honeysuckle out by the roots, you should be seeing it next spring. Great garden report!

  8. We love it that you are glamorous AND a little teeny bit norty too! xx

  9. We sure hope mom's plant grows back. And yes, you are a lovely addition to the garden
    Benny & Lily

  10. That's a relief Terri, we are happy to know it will be back. Mommy just chopped it off, she mistook it for a dead zinnia. And we thinks the ones Mommy is trying to root are rooting. They still looks alive. ~Arty Mouse

  11. I'm sure your mom's Goldflame Honeysuckle will grow back ! Plant is always taugh ! and Artemisia, I really love your first photo, it look like you play hide and seek with your mommy : )
    Your garden looks fabulous as uasual, and I hope you have a fantastic day

    PS : Thanks so much to purrs for me

  12. A cat sits where a cat wants to sit, you got that right! Glad you didn't get out until it was YOUR idea! You certainly are the prettiest thing in the garden!

  13. You certainly are the prettiest thing in the the WORLD! Arty, we have big fat pigeons eating lantana berries in out garden...would you care to come over and hunt?

    xx Yr Suitor, TJ

  14. It is fun to go in places your not "supposed" to be in. :)


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