Tsarina Tuesday

 I took advantage of being let out in Fenris' yard to explore the place. For some reason he gets bent out of shpe when I try to come back there with him.

 The Jungle Gym is the purrfect cat palace.

 Unlike Scylla I can get down from the second level. SHE has to jump to the first floor to get down, MOL.

 I wanted to explore all the nooks and crannies even the basement Fenris excavated.

 I am not ready to go in Mommy.

I am going out in MY YARD now. You don't have to bother with opening the gate for me I can just walk right out. MOL, I am the only one that can do this, even Socks is too BIG.  ~Arty Mouse


  1. Be careful out there! It's a wild world!

  2. You got up on the ROOF! I am so envious. I wish I could get outside up high again!


  3. Happy exploring, pretty little one, but don't go too far though.

  4. Have fun out there, it's a big yard!

  5. Lovely Artemisia! You are having such fun adventures exploring! Yay! Enjoy! Take care

  6. You have so many great places to explore. Just be careful, Arty, can't have our pretty girl getting hurt.

    Happy Tsarina Tuesday.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  7. It's nice to explore but stay safe! xx

  8. You certainly have pawsome spots to explore! We're jealous, truth be told. :-)

  9. You sure are having a grand time Arty!

  10. Sometimes it's good to be a tiny cat!

  11. Thank you for the prayers and purrs. I am starting to feel better. My staff made an appointment for me to visit the physician tomorrow. I'm up and nibbling Meow Mix, and grooming - as long as Madam does not bother me. I am humiliated that my staff saw fit to inform the world of my tushie problem. Some humans just do not know when to keep their big fat mouths shut! I am thinking about dismissing the staff. I am not looking forward to the humiliation at the physician tomorrow, but when you have beautiful long and purrfect hair like I does, it can be a trial. Then again, maybe some of the staff are jealous!

    Thank you for your kindness and purrs.

    Bubbles Silverman
    A Pink Flamingo Kitty

  12. Wow, you sure are one brave Ladycat!

  13. Be careful up there!

    Stop on by for a visit

  14. Fenris, you have your OWN yard? How cool. I have to share mine with all my other puppy siblings.


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