Adventure Animals

I LOVES adventure. I am very brave I makes friends with DOGS that are a LOT bigger then me. Heck most cats are bigger then me. But my small size helps with my cover.

I spy Artemisia
I works for the CIA (Cat Intelligence Agency). My friendship with dogs means I has informants all over the place.  This makes me a very valuable agent.

I also learn all the secrets your peeps have. They tell me everything they thinks I am so CUTE!

I also help fight forest fires. Unfortunately fighting fires is a very dirty adventure. I has soot all over me.

Socks disapproves of my soot covered self so I am trying to clean up ASAP, while I gives him my report. He is the director of the CIA.

Fire Fighter Arty

I also likes to explore the Jungle.

Sometimes I has to swim raging rivers.

Usually  I am able to use trees as bridges.

I thinks an undercover agent is hiding under these leaves. I has to flush him out.

Rats he got away.

When I am not working for the CIA I likes to hunt large prey.

Playing or working my life is one HUGE ADVENTURE! ~ Arty Mouse


  1. Great post.... CIA.... is a very important thing and it sounds like you are doing a great job.

    pawhugs, Max

  2. Us doggies didn't even know about the CIA! Nice work!

  3. Cats In Action?


  4. Arty the Adventuress!!! We know how much you love to explore, may as well combine that love of adventure with the CIA.

    Good luck in MM '12.
    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  5. Artemisia!! Oh my stars!! You brave kitty! Wow!! Me and Charlie are in AWE!! You're a firefighter, jungle explorer, river swimmer and hunter of large prey! Good grief!!

    Oh sweet Artemisia! We hope you get extra bonus treats all the time! Yay! Take care

  6. CIA.. now YOU REALLY ARE AN ADVENTURER. I loved this post showing the adventures you love.

  7. What a life! Maybe they should make a movie about your adventures.

  8. Wow. It sounds like you have a very important job at the CIA.

  9. We had no idea about the CIA

    Stop on by for a visit

  10. I thinks a movie of my life would be a great idea. I could play myself. ~Arty Mouse.

  11. I think you should rleax and have a Niptini, shaken, not stirred!

  12. Miss Mouse, we had NO IDEA what a thrilling life you lead! Of course TJ did, but he's not one to smooch and tell. ~Us

    Ahem, do you need help with that soot? ~TJ

  13. You are a brave and adventurous kitteh for sure. We figured kittehs had a network, but a whole CIA - now that's impressive! Clearly we doggies need a DIA [and we don't mean the Defense Intelligence Agency that the peeps think of]. Great entry, and extra points for the great idea about the DIA, Miss Mouse. Best of luck in the contest.

    Jed & Abby

  14. What an interesting life you lead as a CIA agent! That large prey would feed several agents. MOL!

  15. You have great outdoors adventures...

  16. Hi Arty Mouse! Thanks for stopping by my blog to see my entry. Yours is great! A member of the CIA (can I join or am I too big?) and a firefighter? I'm impressed for such a small kitty. You can come by and crawl up on my back anytime so we can go adventure together. I wonder if Mango would showcase some of our adventures together for Mango Minster? :D

    Chrome, the adventure horse!

  17. I thought you hurt your little cute nose. Whew!

  18. Sounds like you have a great life and some great adventures. Working for the CIA sounds like a great job.

  19. What an adventurer! I think you're so brave to cross those raging rivers.

  20. You sure do seem like an adventure cat to us. I, Hootie, would give you some CIA info...I'd have to munch on you a bit first though. Bol!! Really though, you do seem very brave. Good luck in MM2012.
    Smooches from pooches,
    BabyRocketDog and Hootie

  21. You certainly are an adventurous kitty. Good luck with the contest.


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