Fenris Friday

 I got a new harness. I wanted a BLUE harness to match my eyes but the only color they had it in was BLACK. Mommy said you could get it in any color you wanted as long as it was Black. Supposedly that is an old Ford joke that the humans think is funny. I was not amused.
 It is a Dean & Tyler Universal - No Pull. The strap that goes between my legs is too long. Mommy emailed them about it and the nice gentleman in customer service told her to snail mail the strap to them and they will make it shorter for us. Daddy was suppose to mail it for us last week but he forgot. He got it mailed off the first of this week though, so hopefully they will get the shorter strap here soon so I can go walking with Mommy.
 I do wish it was blue though.
Mommy likes it cause it is easier for her to get on and off and it has a big handle she can grab me with. So even though it isn't blue I guesses it is OK.  ~Fenris pup reporting


  1. Oh lovely Fenris!!! No colour can match your most unique and beautiful eyes!!! Yay!!

    Hoorah for your new harness - it looks wonderful on you! Take care

  2. Well we fink black is very mandogly! xx

  3. Well, Fenris, blue would have been nice, but the black matches the nice liner you have around those blue eyes.

    Hope it comes soon, we love our walks too.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  4. Since the harness isn't blue, Fenris, we will continue to concentrate on the beautiful blue of your eyes!


  5. Black brings out your wonderful markings, dear. Blue would have been good, but don't forget that black goes anywhere.

  6. I think that Black is the New Blue. It looks super on you... no matter the color.

    I like wearing a harness fur Long walks. More comfy than havin to drag mom and dad around with my collar.

    Are you practicing you dancin steps fur Feb. 14th?

  7. You will have to give us the report once you can walk in it...mom says she is always looking for walking solutions to suggest to people. And blue or not, you are very good looking in that harness!

  8. We could see you are annoyed, BOL. But it looks beautiful and matches your ear
    Benny & Lily

  9. I think black is a very elegant and formal color. When you go on black tie walks, you'll be set!

  10. The black is practical for a harness. It won't distract from your gorgeous eyes, either!

  11. Fenris, how about a blue saddle? Your Mommy can ride you instead.

  12. I am not big enough for Mommy to ride me but Arty Mouse can.

    I even have a date for Valentines. Frankie. Got to make sure my dance moves are down pat.

    Thanks for coming by everyone. Fenris

  13. Fenris, nuthin could be as pretty as those blue eyes! We hopes you get your harness back soon. Happy Friday. xoxo

  14. That's a nice harness, Fenris!

  15. It looks nice even if it isn't blue

    Stop on by for a visit

  16. Maybe she khould wrap it with blue ribbon fur woo!

    PeeEssWoo: Woo do look furry handsome!

  17. You sure look cute in your new harness. :)


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