Mancat Monday

No two legged humans around good. Gather round all you four legged critters and hear a tale, of a Queen with a very long tail. Now all of you have of course heard of the King of the Cats, some critter actually told the tale when a human could hear and most of us know what happened to him that is a tale for another day. Remember this tale is just for us four legged critters to know you can't breath a word of it to your humans no matter how nice they may be.

Ahem, once upon a time in a land no human has ever seen there lived a most beautiful Queen. Her fur was white as snow and her tail was as long and fluffy as could be. She could totally cover herself with it from the tip of her nose to her paws. And since she was as wise as she was beautiful everyone in her kingdom was very happy. There was only one thing missing................................The King had set out on an adventure and had not returned for some years, the Queen missed her husband very much and so she sent out a decree asking all the brave cats to venture forth and find the King. 

They searched and searched and finally found the King in the human world. The poor King had been mistaken for a stray and was imprisoned in the animal shelter. Now the brave Cat that found him knew it was of the utmost importance to rescue him right away but wasn't sure how to go about it. Finally the Cat returned to the Queen and told her what he had discovered. The Queen at great personal risk ventured into the human world. She used her magic to find a woman with a kind heart and appeared at her home. When the woman saw the Queen she took her inside her home gave her some food and made a nice bed for her. During the night the Queen got in bed with the woman and filled her dreams full of visions of the King. The next morning the woman awoke and decided that the Queen needed a playmate and set off to the animal shelter to find the perfect companion for the Queen. She recognized the King immediately from her dreams and brought him home. The Queen was overjoyed to be reunited with the King but she felt bad because she knew the woman would be sad when she left with the King and so she used her magic to let all the strays know that this woman had a kind heart and that they should come to her if they needed help. Before the woman knew it she had a cottage full of cats and even a few dogs and thanks to the Queens' thoughtfulness there was always enough food for everyone and plenty of warms beds to sleep in and they all lived happily ever after.

~Prince Socks, Bard to Tsarina Artemisia


  1. Awwww what a lovely tale of furry royalty, true love, kind humans, a sprinkling of magic and a happy happy ending!! You are a most wonderful Bard, Prince Socks!! Take care

  2. Thank you for visiting everyone and I am glad you enjoyed my tale. ~Socks

  3. What a beautiful story, Socks! Now if only all stray kitties and woofies could find such a kind-hearted lady.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder,Ciara, and Lightning

  4. Beautiful ~ thank you for sharing. xx

  5. We loved it. Did you just get a new sisfur?

  6. Ayla, Iza & Marley,
    What an interesting idea. That would drive Silly Scylla round the bend for sure. I was just feeling silly. ~Socks

  7. You are an excellent bard and you do your profession proud!

  8. What an enchanting tale! We bet Arty will have sweet dreams after hearing this one.

    Mommy thinks she must be the kind hearted woman who ends up with all the strays, heh heh.

  9. Purrrr, we just love a good story.....

  10. A great story!

    Yappy Hew Near!


    Elvira Mistress of Felinity

    Daddy Kiril


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