Scylla Sunday ~ Bad Sports

Mommy you has entered me in the wrong category. I is much cuter then that big galoot of a dawg you got for your birthday, I is not a BAD SPORT. Enter me in the Too Darn Cute category this instant!

Well yes, I did claw the door frame and tear up the weather stripping, but that is only because YOU did not answer the door fast enough. When I meows to be let in I mean I wants in NOW, not when it is convenient for you. I do not care if you were in the shower. You are suppose to open the door as soon as I MEOW. Actually you should anticipate my wants and open the door before I MEOW.

And yes, I did use the carpet in the family room as a litter box. You were being obtuse and not figuring out that after years of using a litter box with a cover I NOW want a litter box with a view.  Once you got me a new litter box I stopped using the family room didn't I?

Well yes, the holes in the carpet are my doing, but YOU and the boy beans are not suppose to close your doors. How am I suppose to get in your rooms in the morning to wake you up if the door is closed? What do you mean you want to sleep late, I wants breakfast at 4AM. At least you and Eldest opened your doors before I made the hole to big. How was I suppose to know Youngest had on earphones and couldn't hear me clawing away at the carpet, by his door.

Sure I  tend to get places where You don't want me to be but that is cause I wants to be there. What you wants is of no concern to me and it certainly doesn't make me a BAD SPORT!

(Sigh) I has to admit they do call  me Grumpy Girl at the Vet because I scream at the top of my lungs the whole time I am there when I am not growling and hissing at them. But they poke me in rude places and gives shots you know. I thinks I am entitled to make my displeasure known.

Scylla & Artemisia (aka Arty Mouse)
OK, I was very rude to Arty Mouse when you first brought her home and I did attack you cause you smelt like HER, but we are Best Friends Forever now. You were suppose to ask MY permission before you adopted another cat. I did eventually forgive YOU for your transgression.



  1. We don't think you are a bad sport, we think you are just....strongly opinionated. You definitely should be in the too darn cute category.

  2. Ha! Okay Scylla, you are very cute butt, I'm thinkin you have a good chance at the bad sport category too. Hardy Har Har. Bone Chance! :D

    Waggin at ya,

  3. You were just trying to get her attention all those times, right?

  4. Oh Scylla, you are not a bad sport, you just need for someone to pay attention to your needs. Just remember that cats rule.
    You couldn't help it to scratch the door frame. You should see ours. It is a mess. Take care and have a wonderful Sunday.

  5. Really, mum! How could you? BOL

  6. Scylaa, we think you should just humor the Mom and let her do this for the sake of MM '12. Then once it is done, you can really show her what a bad sport does:) Just kidding, Mom.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  7. Awwww lovely lovely Scylla!! Me and Charlie are sure mum meant to say "cutie petootie pie!"! :-) Take care

  8. Well, Scylla, you sure told your mom how you feel! She shoulda listen to you!

  9. You seem unjustly accused...

  10. You are a beauty in any category my sweet Scylla!

  11. One of my cats is very vocal at the vet's, too. They always know when she has arrived! You are impatient and your human just doesn't move fast enough. That doesn't make you a bad sport!

  12. Well, we don't know that much about cats, BUT from what we DO know, we think you are just being a cat! Right? Not a bad sport! We definitely think you're a cutie!

    The Road Dogs

  13. What a terrible thing, to be labeled so unkindly!
    You got a bad rap, Scylla.

  14. We can't understand why anybuddy would call you a Bad Sport!!

    The Florida Furkids

  15. This is shaping up to be a close fought category. May we expect Bad Sports debates? You sure look like a contender, Scylla!

    Jed & Abby

  16. Scylla, we think that jus cuz you damage stuff, that doesn't mean you arent "Too Darn Cute"!

  17. Scylia,

    Excellent entry my friend!

    Your Buddy,

  18. Wow, we didn't know girl cats could be such bad sports! Best of luck in the MM 2012 Scylla!

  19. I don't believe I am blogging a cat -- butt I wanted to let you know us dogs really liked your post. I entered the contest with my brother Benjamin in a different category. Thank goodness we aren't competing with you -- I would hate to see what you would do to us if you didn't win in your category! Have a great day!

  20. Oh boy... I hate to say it but I think you're going to give the other bad sports some run for their money. Good luck to you!

  21. Sounds like normal cat behavior to us. LOL Good luck!

    the brown dawgs


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