Thursday in the Garden

 Daddy tore down the barn. Arty was kinda upset about it cause she liked to hang out in there, on the other hand Mommy was thrilled to see it go cause she was afraid it was going to fall down on top of Arty one day. Arty is OK with it now cause guess what Daddy is going to plant flowers there.

The rosemary is doing pawsome. Mommy cut the dead stuff out of the flowerbed one day when she was feeling OK and the weather was in the 70's.
 Our Roster Violet is blooming up a storm.

 Now to the green house. The Purple Heart is blooming.

And the Snowflake (aka Bacopa) and  Diamond Frost are blooming. You can't see the Diamond Frost very well, but the Snowflake looks lovely in the hanging basket.

Now we are off to make our gardening report to The Society of Feline Gardeners over at Jonesie's, please join us.



  1. You really do have some great flowers. We love the purple heart. That is so different. It all looks really good. Have a great day.

  2. How fun to have that greenhouse and see flowers bloom all year. Our Christmas cacti are about to burst into bloom, a few weeks late, but that's OK.

    Your flowers are always so pretty, just like you, Artemisia.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  3. Awww sweet Artemisia!! You'll soon have a bed full of flowers where the barn used to be! Yay!!

    Wonderful pics - the purple heart is amazing! Take care

  4. How wonderful to have a greenhouse! Our human is jealous. Did you hunt mousies in the old building, Arty?

  5. Everything sure looks nice, maybe a new barn would be nice too!

  6. Purrty garden. Best to tear down the barn so it doesn't fall in your head
    Benny & Lily

  7. You'll find new and wonderful places to hang out and enjoy the flowers.

  8. I enjoyed hunting mice in the old building but the new flower bed is going to be pawsome. ~Arty Mouse

  9. Wow, we only have bacopa and diamond frost in the summer! So nice to see those flowers in January!!

  10. It looks SO NICE where you are. We have 100's of daffodils sticking up a paw-width, but they will stay like that fer a couple Big Moons.

  11. Sure does look very pretty around your place. :)


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